A question about Kristin & the outlets And care of the "old" Kristin

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  1. #1 Feb 24, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2010
    Okay everyone there have been a couple of Kristin threads going & people have (once again) completely confused me. I know, I know, no news there.

    I'm getting lost between what is a "new" Kristin & what is an "old" Kristin. Even the old doesn't seem so old.

    Anyway, I guess the old Kristen is on its way to the outlets, since there is a new Kristin to replace it. But there won't be too many to go to the outlets because of all the reasons we usually hear, limited production, higher end bag etc.

    So can someone please enlighten me what are the old Kristens that might show up at the outlet (style # & colors would be great if you know) & what are the new ones that maybe we can do with PCE?

    I was lucky enough to get an old Kristin back in Jan at my outlet. It was very clearly a return & was final sale because it had a little fleck of damage to it. There is a small place about an inch below the zipper on the pocket side where the finish of the leather came off. It looks like a fingernail flicked it or something. It is the zip top tote 14223 & I paid $350 final sale for it. I treated it with the Apple spray but haven't carried it outdoors yet. Waiting for better weather.

    THX all
  2. I think the leather on my older Kristen is very tough. I carried it in rain and never put any protector on it. The leather still looked new.
    I am expecting to see the totes and zip top totes and some of the clutches at the outlets. Just guessing though! :smile:
  3. I also wanted to add that the old kristin collection included the tote, zip top tote, flap hobo type bag and a couple clutches. All in leather. The new collection has more styles in both leather and siggy.
  4. Purseblog Exclusive on Original Kristin: http://www.purseblog.com/coach/kristin.html#comment-262355

    Original Kristin was the Open Top Tote, Zip Top Tote, Shoulder Flap, Darcy Clutch and Slim Envelope Wallet. Also there was an Exotic Zip Top Tote that was Croc Embossed.

    The colors were Green, Blue, Brown, Black, Coral and Purple.
    Also there was a Colorblock Flap in Coral/Pink tones and Grey/Silver Tones


    The Tote I believe was $598, The Zip Top $698, The Colorblock Flaps were $498 and the Shoulder Flaps were $398. I'm not 100% on those prices so correct me if I'm wrong!
  5. If anyone sees a Kristin black either tote or zip top bag at an outlet please let me know !! I was hoping the original would still remain at the botiques for the PCE but it sounds like no.
  6. I have the zip top tote in blue and never used a cleaner/ protector on it and carried it in snow and rain and it still looks brand new! I love her!!!!
  7. My outlet had a bunch of "old" kristen. They had the photo girl tote (I am thinking this is from the kristen line, please correct me if I am wrong), shoulder flap in all kinds of colours, a clutch (that was really big) the darcy and the colour block flaps. Most of the kristen was clearance. Hope that helps.
  8. I saw a Kristin today at my outlet and it was all alone. It looked a lot like the ones in this post. It was really expensive... I didn't even ask but I think it was only 30% off...plus 20% off of course lol. Sorry this probably doesn't help much lol.
  9. originally the first batch sent to the outlets where the photo button tote, the flaps, and the two tone flap..

    the totes and the zip satchels were still in FP

    but as you probably already guessed with the new kristin collection coming out that that is where its headed..

    the old isn't really 'old' but i've had mine before it debuted and carried it a good..oh five months (feels like forever)

    coach moves the stuff every month so it seems like its forever with all the new stuff they place out
  10. Thank you, all. I really want to purchase more of this collection, maybe the wallet. Hoping for the PCE!!

    ms-whitney I know sometimes the deletes are quick to the outlet, but this one sets my head spinning!
  11. Which outlet is this? I may have to call about the Kristen flap. TIA!
  12. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.