A Purchase ... Miss AQUAMARINE CITY with RH

  1. After missing out several opportunities to purchase a City, I finally just went for it when I saw this gorgeous Aquamarine '07!
    Thanks to a special someone for helping me find her! :wlae:

    Her true color is quite hard to photograph! Due to the green undertones, they really emerge when I hit flash on the camera -I'm guessing thats why Balenciaga named it Aquamarine?

    The REAL color is about one shade more TEAL with smudges of green visible under the sun.

    However, the leather texture is extremely close to my old SkyBlue '05 Day and I imagine it growing even softer with time!




    I'm going to take another shot at trying to capture the real color and add it to this thread -for the mean time these current pictures are too hard to pass up!

    Balenciagas are quite photogenic and ... addicitive. ( For the future and upcoming season, I think I want one more BBAg with the Giant Hardware ... ;D )

    The best part is that she'll be perfect for traveling this summer and I like the option of carrying her by the strap on the shoulders comfortably.
    Very exciting for me! :lol: :flowers:
  2. waiting for pics! Those are really green.
  4. i need an aquamarine!! what an amazing color, congrats. i am so jealous!
  5. I just adore the aqua color, beautiful bag, leather looks amazing!!!! Congrats! :yes:
  6. it's TDF! congrats and enjoy :lol:
  7. wow, that is one gorgeous bag! where did you get that beauty from? are they sold out? congrats on your great find :yes:
  8. Gorgeous!!!!
  9. the leather look amazing! congrats! enjoy her/
  10. She looks so yummy! Congrats!
  11. I LOVE it!!! She' super duper gorgeous :yahoo: Congrats!!!

    And who is that little pup in your avatar?? Absolutely precious!! :yes:
  12. She's pretty...congrats for ur gorgeous bag~i jus love aqua....:smile:
  13. Here's another picture, I had to manipulate the color with photoshop to get the green out.

    It's taken indoors at night with dim lighting which makes it look quite dark ... but more teal. The color is very close to what I'm seeing in real life right this instants, however, because there are so many undertones it's a hard bag to grasp with another lighting.

    I'll take one more picture outside tomorrow and you'll see that it's lighter.

    Shasta: I agree, there is too much green in the first set!
    Frozen_Alaska: I'm joing the Aqua Club with you! Except you have those gorgeous golden GH on yours... ;D
    Sheanabelle: Yes, you do need a Balenciaga, don't wait forever like me!
    Nicole: The BBag is originally from BALNY! Fortunately, I've seen so many variations with the colors that its best to not limit yourself to just one store! You never know what you may find, its like a treasure hunt!
    Verty: Thank-You! =D That's my 6 year old Shih Tzu...I haven't changed his avater since I joined!

    And thanks everyone for your kind words! Everytime I do this ... it feels like show-and-tell! ;D
  14. I LOVE the color of yours! CONGRATS Aqua is AMAZING!!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  15. Congrats Pink:yahoo: the leather looks so yummy. :drool: Enjoy.:heart: