A pull in my scarf- what to do?

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  1. Dear all!

    I just discovered a pull in my H. scarf and I don't know what to do... it's already up arround 1 cm. and broken at the top. Should I just keep it as it is, cut it? Please help me, bacause I'm afraid to wear my baby now and make it worse.

    Thanks so much!
  2. deal with it. in time you'll get used to the snags. I have 3 on my first one and now I don't mind.
  3. Yup. With Allan. It happens. Only you will know. Keep wearing it!
  4. I was advised by my SA never to cut the silk thread. Steam the scarf to relax the threads and straighten / stretch the thread back.

    I have scarves and shawls which have pulls ... got me upset at first. Now I don't even notice.
  5. Snags and pulls will happen to the scarves you wear. In time, you will get used to it and not notice. The first is always the hardest. I had a near heart attack when I saw the first pull on my scarf... but now it's no biggie.
  6. Well, it seems that I have to get use to it but it's SO hard. Any advices how to prevent pulls?
  7. See if you can somehow move the material around the pull to "get it back in place"...sort of stretching it.If it was a ooser wearve I would suggest a smal pin to move it back into place ( I have done this with my Cshmere swals/scarves), but not with the pure silk.

    Definitely do not cut it.

    The biggest cause of snags is jewelry where either the clasp or links of neckalces gets caught on the thread.

    The other big culpit is wooden furniture that has some raw edges or splinters. You sit against a wooden chair and whoops..get up and a little snag happens.

    Don't frett too much. These scarves are so well made that a little snage does not disrupt the scarf.
  8. Is it a cashmere or a carre? The cashmeres do pull quite easily, but I have never managed to damage a carre - not that I have tried to you understand, but there was the time I opened the car door, scarf fell to the ground and I trod on it :rolleyes:

    The only way to avoid pulls is to leave it in the closet, but then what is the point of having the scarf? You just have to wear them, love them, let them live a little and grow to love their little faults. :smile:
  9. I have never had this issue with any of my silk scarves.

    If its cashmere DO NOT PULL the fabric around it - trust me! I did it and now have a small hole from my pulling - these scarves are very delicate.

    I happened to be in Paris when I got another pull on that same scarf and I took it into FSH and they were kind enough to deal with it - have no idea what they did but at least the thread wasn't sticking out.

    I know its heart breaking but it is part of owning these beauties.
  10. just got my first pull yesterday in my beautiful "les jardins" cashmere stole. it is hard but i am not touching it and am going to continue wearing and enjoying her.
    i love my scarfs and am not going to stop using them.
  11. It's a silk scarf and my first one, so it really hurt's to see a pull in it. I'll try to move the material arround. Thanks so much!
  12. I just got my first pochette (cheval fleuri in white). I have one other full size Hermes scarf, which is in pristine condition. But today, one of our cats managed to hook my brand new pochette. There is a slight pull, a couple of inches long, in one corner. I know nothing can be done, but it just helps to vent.
  13. Pulls/snags are annoying but I agree they are a fact of scarf life. I find my 70cm vintage silk scarves and pointus far more vulnerable as the silk is much softer - even my hands have snagged them if they have got dry/chapped in cold weather or manual work in the garden. I have even opened the boxes from the H store new and found snags so they don't even sell them perfect in my experience. Mostly only you know it's there so carry on regardless - even scarves in far worse condition sell for quite good prices on ebay (rips, stains, cigarette burns). The only other option is leave them in their boxes but, as I am learning, what's the point of just keeping them in a box hidden from the world? I am starting to wear mine more and more - thanks to TPF:smile:
  14. someone fixed a pull once in a cashmere with a needle - but he knew what he was doing - maybe take it to a tailor? Note: Afterwards I took another cashmere to several tailors and to H and nothing could be done. .
  15. Just be careful. I snagged mine the first day I wore it and it was on my umbrella. I was so angry with myself but got over it. Try to stay away from sharp edges and anything that will snag. Other than that, enjoy it as much as possible.;)