A Perfect Louis World: Thru Rose-Colored Glasses?

  1. Hello friends,

    This weekend I was at the LV Store at "The Pier at Caesar's" in Atlantic City, NJ. It was very nice.:tup:

    They had a large selection of sunglasses and one pair was tempting.:drool:

    I am thinking of getting them from 866, since they are not on eLuxury and I have never seen them in a store. Anyway . . . I don't read much about sunglasses here, with this being a purse blog.

    Has anyone purchased LV sunglasses? I would love to hear some feedback.:confused1:

    Love Louis, love life.

  2. I haven't purchased any but they had the cutest pink pair in Charlotte, NC. They were ONLY $375! Not bad for LV!
  3. LV sunnies are the best... I am contemplating on getting two other pairs soon. :hrmm:
  4. I love my pair of sunnies...they are great quality sunnies, except it did take me a couple of exchanges to find the pair that suited me best. I can't wait for them to release other styles!
  5. You might want to buy the sunglasses at the store to try on... I don't own any but I tried on a pair and was told by the SA that there was an Eastern and Western version of the sunglasses. Eastern/Western referred to the bridge and depended on the shape of the person's nose. I never would have known that until the SA told me. I usually can't wear glasses without the nose rests, but I discovered that I could wear the Eastern version of the sunglasses - that it would stay up on my face better than the Western version of the same sunglass design.

    One of these day I would like to buy some LV sunglasses!

    Good luck!!!!
  6. ^OMG! I will totally only buy my LV sunglasses in Asia, thanks for telling us this tip!
  7. I love LV sunnies.
  8. LV sunglasses are very high quality and most are in a timeless design that wont go out of style. Go for it!:tup:
  9. I definitely want a pair.....maybe for Xmas.