A Night Out.............Dutch Style!

  1. My SLTLHH (Slowly Learning To Love Hermes Hubby) and I met some friend in town for dinner on Friday night and seeing as parking is quite difficult thought it better to ride out bikes in.

    My Birkin didn't fit in the front basket but found a place in the kiddy seat on the back with the seatbelt threaded through the handles.

    Great way to carry her, except after a few drinks and a 20 minute ride home I realised that I was sitting on the bag!!!! Gotta love togo, a little squeeze and a poke and she popped straight back into shape!:sweatdrop: Phew!

  2. OMG, I love it!! You look awesome chauffeuring your Birkin around town!
  3. that makes sense since many of us consider our bags our *babies.* you look gorgeous!
  4. Cal, this is the neatest Hermes pic I've seen in a long time.

    You look fabulous and so does your Birkin:tup:
  5. What a fantastic picture!! You and your Togo baby look simply perfect, :heart:.
  6. Cal you are gorgeous! Love that you carried your birkin into town that way! Perfection!
  7. Fabulous pictures!!!! did people comment on your baby in the seat? Love to see glimpses of the Netherlands... thanks
  8. WOW! This is one of the most *natural* Hermes in Action photo!
  9. holy crap, cal -- you're a stunner! :wtf:
  10. Cal-You are gorgeous!!! Love the Birkin biking style, I have the same basket:p
  11. Beautiful!! And I mean the both of you!
  12. Thanks Ladies, you're all too kind!!!

    Cycling is such a great way to get around here. No hills, your own bit of road, can park right out the front of the restaurant! I just have to get hubby to slide the kidlet chair back a couple of inches although I must say Togo is increadibly comfortable on the tush.
  13. Wow, Cal! I MUCH prefer this to VB's monogrammed Bentley for Birkin transport! (And you look lovely as always.)
  14. Hooray for Togo!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. The most adorable picture Cal. Love the way you are wearing it!