A new obsession...BB Simon belts!

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  1. I totally have a new obsession!!! I have fallen in love with BB Simon belts! Anyone else love these bigtime bling belts? I have to admit that I just spent a lot of my purse budget on a couple of these belts!I'm especially excited because they sell them where I am and I can acutally see, touch and try on before I buy! Here are some pictures! Belts range in price from about $199 to $799.
    BB Simon black hair diamonds.jpg BB simons pink leather belt.jpg BB Simon blue.jpg BB Simon gold.jpg BB Simon brone & blue.jpg BB Simon fuschia & silver acid wash.jpg BB Simon grean, blue & pink.jpg BB Simons brown black zebra.jpg BB simons leather belt.jpg
  2. these are HOT in Texas, Ladies love bling/studded items here!
  3. I was trying to sell my Charm and luck bag previously in the market place. It matches those belts. It has been used literally only 2 times. Let me know if you are interested. The belts are grogeous, enjoy!
  4. Wow! Those belts are gorgeous! Are they heavy?
  5. The ones with the huge crystals are and the buckels are heavy like a paddy lock, but considering that I wore mine all day with heavy denium jeans, I didn't really notice. i did get several compliments though! Also they are made with genuine Swarski (sp?) crystals and are so sparkly, I felt giddy all day! Just love the girly bling!
  6. are these faked? me likey! they are pretty expensive on ebay as well.
  7. Wow! Very bling-y!
  8. I can't get the song by Cash Money Mill. _"Bling Bling" out of my head now :lol:
  9. Good question! I was wondering the same thing. They are relatively new I think 2004 and the are actually "cowgirl couture'' so I'm thinking/hoping that means that they haven't or wouldn't be copied over seas! I didn't see any belt on eBay that were much cheaper than you could buy from a reputable retailer. I'm lucky as there are 2 stores in my city that sell them, Cavender's and Drysdale's! You can also buy them directly from bbsimon online. Although you must really see them in person to appreciate how beautiful the crystals and the silver really is!

    I just got the black with big crystals and a leopard with pink. My girlfriend, the one who got me hooked, has about a dozen!!! Her hubby gets them for her for every occasion. He's very metrosexual and he likes to shop for and buy her bling!, she is so lucky! She's sweet too as she lent me her lime green acid wash with crosses to take on vacation! Now I want a hot pink, multicolor blue and a brown & gold!!! Yikes there goes all my purse money!

    There is another company/brand that is simular, but it is more expensive, not as well made and it much more western looking called Kippy. Saw them irl and wasn't impressed, just FYI!
  10. I liked the Kippy belts I've seen IRL - nice color combos.

    Having said that I would note eBay is clogged with similar knock-offs in the $30 range.
  11. yes, I'm pretty sure they're already faked. There's a notoriously fake goods store here in Dallas called Sam Moons and they've carried very similar belts.
  12. I have one of these! I bought it about 2 months ago and love it! It is over the top but gorgeous!!!
  13. Those are HOT belts! Megs is right -- over the top, but that's awesome.

    btw, I LOVE your Avatar Inky Paws -- how amazing to work with those amazing cats...
  14. I love bling belts, too. But I am not into western style but I found a small little website that sell these same kind of belts, they are so cute and high quality, They have way more bling than kippys and bb simons and much less, most of their belts start around $115. anyway just thought you might like to know, oh the website is www.jhbling.com the belts are hand crafted, i love mine and wear it as often as i can. It make me feel so hot.
  15. WOW! If I had the figure to carry it off, I'd buy one in a heartbeat!