A New Frontier - Chloe TAIWAN

  1. I did a little research (do I ever not do purse research these days?) and learned that there are three Chloe official boutiques in Taiwan where I am currently staying for work purposes. I am in an industrial town called Taichung which is about a two hour bus ride from the capitol city of Taipei. All three boutiques are located within massive department stores (Japanese in origin) in Taipei. I know no Chinese whatsoever. How do I find out if they have any goodies??? A wonderful and sympathetic woman in the office took pity and me and sweetly called all three to a)find out if they were having sales and then b) find out if any of the ones I am hunting for are available on sale. As it turns out - all Paddies are full price since those are signature items and never go on sale. Silverados are all sold out. Okay - there is one left in python - a large pink and purple one for about $1800. Too exotic even for moi. My Chinese co-worker added that there were "Betties" on sale- mostly chain handled ones and none appear to be patent leather. That's all I know. I had been seriously considering making a weekend of it in Taipei just to shop Chloe but it hardly seems worth my while. The gals in Taiwan are just as savvy about the brand as any of us and things are pretty picked over. Tomorrow I am going to check to see if there are any connections with the parent stores in Japan. Maybe something can be arranged! Ya never know....
  2. Good luck in your search - i'm sure something will turn up!
    How long are you staying there for?:smile:
  3. I'll be here till next Thursday. Plenty of time to do some damage!
  4. chloe here-japan is also never on sale, except those on some netweb. but the price is not good comparing to eur or us.

  5. OOoh! Thanks for telling me that, Sheren! I was going to call my son who lives in Japan to have him hunt for sales. I haven't done that so far because something tells me he wouldn't be crazy about going out of his way to purse hunt for his Mom. Although his Japanese IS pretty fluent - LOL!
  6. That... I believe.

    Everything is way expensive in Japan.
  7. lol - i'm sure! In anticipation - pics please!:graucho: ;)