A morning in Hermes Heaven.....

  1. Sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do....and sometimes it aint pretty.

    I don't know why I did it but while in Vegas a few weeks ago I bought a Caleche Elastique pouchette and when I got home I realized that I really didn't like the color. Liked the design, but the color left me well....flat. So, today I dragged my charming self to the city carrying my little H shopping bag with Caleche inside and paid a visit to Jose.

    At first glance I thought there was nothing of real interest on the shelves....a few canvas bags, a Vespa, no real fabby small leather goods, no gloves to speak of. It was all so.....ho hum. Until.....I spied one of those NEW bags the Sac en V and made a bee-line right for it. But before I could get there another SA swooped in, unlocked the cabinet and took it out. Got on the phone to some customer, chatted a moment or two, wrapped the thing in a sleeper and slapped a HOLD tag onto it! All before I could put two words together! The thing happened like lightening! I'm not kidding! My four second observation? It was cute, it was small, it was boxy, it was black VL, and it was $4,500.00. Later, after grilling the SA I got a little more info but that's in another thread.

    It was thrilling but I was there for another purpose....exchanging my Caleche Elastique for something else. I was on a mission. I think I looked at all the scarves, all the gloves (not that many let me tell you....stock is kinda low), all the cadenas, all the pouchettes, every bag (there was a nice 28cm Turquoise Chevre Mysore Kelly but Turq. is not my color....), EVERYTHING! And nothing was floating my boat. I was half thinking I'd have to leave the shop with a credit (NOT something Shopmom likes to do!) when suddenly I remembered the one scarf I left behind the day I brought home Caramel/Grey Poupon. The "Boite au Vol"! And, of course, since I'm mentally challanged in the scarf tying department, we threw in a Palladium scarf ring.

    Oh.....and one last thing....the Chanel Clutch I bought? I returned that to too since there's another "little something" in the wings......
  2. Donna that scarf is simply gorgeous! What a wonderful treat!!! Thank you for sharing it with all of us!!!:heart::heart::heart: I am so glad you did not leave empty handed- but then again- we all knew you couldn't do that:P
  3. Congrats on your purchase. Nothing like visit to Hermes, but I do hate it when someone else snags something that I am eyeing!
  4. Love the scarf. I love the color.
  5. Wow I LOVE that scarf!!!!! :yahoo: Gorgeous!!!!! Ooooh another little something! Can't wait!!!! :graucho:
  6. wow that's really beautiful! what wonderful treat Shopmom! congrats!

  7. Rose....I'd like to say that I would have bought that baby right then but....no. I really like the Plume Elan better so it was all quite all right. Now. If it was a Black Chevre de Coromandel Kelly with Pall/HW I might have jumped all over that SA but thankfully I didn't have to make a scene. :rolleyes:

  8. I am looking forward to your next purchase....happy shopping:heart:
  9. Um, something else waiting in the wings? Um, besides the croc Kelly...ummmm...ummmmm?

    BTW- gorgeous scarf!
  10. Goddamn - that is one nice scarf!! Love it!! You're as bad asme, I can NEVER leave a store credit unspent!! It burns a hole in my pocket.

    Now.....can't wait to here what's in the pipeline.............
  11. That scarf is GORGEOUS! Love it D!
  12. A little something in your eyes is something big....hmmmm...a birkin?

    Oh - and LOVE the scarf!
  13. Lovely scarf:heart:....lol, grey poupon(he,he)
  14. No...no Birkin's in the near future for Shopmom, Addicted. Although.....I MIGHT have to sell my soul (again...for the third time) if one of those Rouge Garance Birkins roll my way....dear lord that's a color TDF!
  15. Very pretty!