A Lovely experience at the store in Antwerp

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  1. Hi guys,

    Today I got my keepall 45 in Damier Cobalt, I love it. Wanna check it out, please go to this thread!

    Today, I had a lovely experience at the LV-store in Antwerp, Belgium. I know a lot of people complain about bad SA's and them being rude and looking down on you but in Antwerp, this is absolutely not the case.

    Felicia was my SA and I already saw her when I ordered my cobalt keepall. During reservation she seemed a bit reserved, but today she was just perfect. When I got in the store, she immediately saw me and smiled to me. I felt so welcome. She said 'You are probably here to get your bag'. It felt so great knowing she remembered me after 15 days. She told me to wait a few minutes while she was collecting the bag. The store had just opened so there was almost no one inside. All SA's smiled at me and asked if they could help. Another SA's said: great choice on the Cobalt, its very timeless and at the same time a young and fresh alternative to the graphite.

    Felicia arrived with my bag. 'Should I fill it up for you, so you get an idea of the shape and size?'. Yes please! She came back after some time with the wonderful bag. We talked a bit about the features and my other keepall. We discussed the hot stamping (normally I have DMJ but she said that most peole put their first name first, so I said: why not, lets do that). She told me that it would take about 30 minutes and offered me a drink in a very comfy couch while I waited. I had an orange juice and looked around a bit in the store.

    After 30 minutes the bag was ready, it was just perfect. She offered the full package (box and so on), didn't even have to ask for a box. She boxed it, some other SA's started talking to me. I felt soooo welcome, it was like coming home. When the packing was finished she arrived and escorted me to the exit, wishing me all the best with my new bag and that she hoped to see me back soon as other cobalt items were coming in march (!).

    I left with a huge smile. I am so satisfied I will write a letter to the store and her manager to thank her for the lovely experience.

    (oh and the door-man was frigging hot! :biggrin:)
  2. These are my favourite kind of threads - so happy you had such a great experience and thanks for sharing it with us here too! Enjoy your beautiful Keepall! :heart:
  3. mine too :smile:
  4. Congrats on your new bag! I do most of my vuitton shopping at that store and the sa's are always really nice. I am sure they will apreciate your thank you letter!