A lot more easier to be fashionable and hip due to the internet?


Jan 17, 2007
When I was in high school (which was back in the early to mid-90's) most people didn't have internet, at least I didn't... I noticed that it's so easy to be fashionable nowadays with the internet, it really has helped my style so much. For example, I browse lots of different fashion forums, sometimes girls will post what they wear and if I like it I can find out where they bought it and buy it too) and we're also able to see what celebs wear in their daily lives, you can usually get yesterday's candid shots the next day and we can copy their style to the exact same make and model of what they are wearing... I mean there are sites dedicated to id'ing what celebs are wearing.

When I was in high school, I didn't have an idea to know what was "in" or "out". It was a lot harder without the internet. I think we all just looked at what the "popular people" were wearing and then just copy them. I wish I had the internet back then when I was growing up. I have people compliment me all the time on things now and a lot of the things are just things that I found out about on-line...

I mean there were so many things I wasn't taught when I was younger, like about applying makeup professionally etc or eyebrow threading. If you didn't have a lot of girlfriends you had no way of finding such things out, like which mascara is the best etc. I am actually kind of bitter that I didn't have access to all this info growing up so I never got to be a fashionista when I was younger. It was harder to be fashionable back then I think, it was more like hit or miss. Now it's a science, we have access to so many candid shots of celebs and can study their outfits in great detail at high resolution. It's not fair that we didn't have this when I was growing up... lol

Also, did anyone who grew up in the 90's notice that back then high school kids were not really into LV, Gucci, Dior? I remember even popular girls in my high school wearing stuff like Guess or Blue Anchor from WetSeal? How did upscale brands get to be so well known and "common" nowadays? Is it because we have internet and can see what celebs wear and therefor covet what it is their wearing?
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cherry pie

Jan 13, 2007
cloud 9
i know what you mean. i learnt everything from judy blume books and my mothers magazines.
no one at school was fashionable in a national sense, every school had their own trends.


Feb 28, 2006
That's interesting, I was also in HS in the 90's, and I 'd say your style was just choosing your "tribe", mostly influenced by social background and music.
I think it's still true. But the internet pushes towards internationally uniformed fashion. More and more identical kids in England,France,Germany, etc...although I've noticed the primarly source of influence is still the next door popular kid. But that popular kid can get influenced over the internet by a new style coming in X country and that would have taken 1 year to reach my country in the 90's !! Now it's instantly.


Mar 9, 2006
Oh I agree. When I was younger, and we didn't really have internet, the only way I knew what was in was from looking at the way people dressed at school. I remember the other kids thinking that i was rich because I wore clothes from The Gap....if only they could see me now.

The internet opens up this whole other world, where you can find practically anything.


Feb 23, 2006
I think it's partially true ... although it really does encourage a sort of conformity on a more global scale.

I remember what was "out" was "in" by New York-"Vogue" standards back in high school. So the definition of "out"/"in" was more localized.


Feb 12, 2006
I was in high school in the 70s. While the pressure to look good was there, it wasn't as intense as it probably is now. There was no internet (duh) but we did still have fashion magazines and everyone was addicted to Seventeen, Vogue, etc. So we still had a resource to draw from. The selection was definitely limited to just a few hot pieces per year. "Dittos" jeans were popular for years but now you have dozens of jean manufacturers. The market is just now flooded with products. And yeah, the internet has alot to do with that cause anyone can get anything from anywhere by the click of a mouse. Before, all we had were shopping malls. And if you didn't have access to a car, you had to wait for mom to take you. I'm kinda glad we didn't have the pressure that todays teens seem to have. I had enough to lower my self esteem without it!


Dec 18, 2006
All hell for a basement
I was a little grunge princess so I really didn't care what was "in style" in high school. It was all flanel, long underware, cut-offs and Doc's for me. My parents couldn't wait for me to out grow it, even though it took years and I still wear all my early 90's band tee's around the house :shame::shame: