A long love story (followed by my first reveal of a much sought after treasure)

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  1. This is a very long story (so please bare with me), and it's also proof that love usually finds a way.

    The love affair started eight years ago....

    It was in the summer of 2008, that I first saw her in a Soho boutique accompanied by an elegantly dressed woman. The crisp clean shape of her body, the nice curves of her corners, and that shining buckle in front, I couldn't help but stare... The saying "love at the first sight" was indeed true. She was dressed in gold, and her skin glowed as the light reflected off the patina of her well-loved outer surface. There were some marks here and there, but they all complimented her beauty very nicely and made her unique. Back then I had already started my obsession with Hermes, lusting over owning a Jypsiere, which I think is the best boho chic bag for daily use and trips. What I did not know was that this particular beauty that had caught my eye was also a creation of Hermes' superb craftsmanship, and that it was actually so difficult to construct that only the most skilled craftsmen could make one.

    As she left the shop, I started to wonder, would I ever see her again...

  2. This is going to ne fun!!
  3. Oooh lets see it!
  4. Yay! I'm here!
  5. Let's see!
  6. Time passed, and one day as I browsed through a magazine while I was waiting to have my hair done, there she was again, featured in one of the articles talking about all the great creations from the house of Hermes. This time, she was in black, accessorized with gold, and glamorously posing for a photo shoot. Then, finally I learned her name, Constance. (Constance... It echoes in my heart.) A beautiful name that suits her perfectly.

    I said to myself, "Now that I know thy name, I hope that one day I will be able to find you and make you mine." And with that, I set my heart to go on a quest to pursue her...

  7. Here!
  8. As many of you already know, the quest for any of the rare beauties from the house of Hermes is not an easy one. First, we have to collect enough "gold" (funding), then we need to find a helpful "wizard" (sales associate) who will help us with preparing the proper "equipment" (accessories and easier to acquire goods) for our journey. On top of all that, they have various regulations and strict rules to ensure that the pursuers are true and loyal at heart. Sometimes we have to slay a dragon or two, and go on a variety of hunts in various "locations" (boutiques), where we will befriend more benevolent wizards (sales associates) in hopes that one of them may finally lead us on the road towards the ultimate treasure.

    But as we all know the god of Hermes is unpredictable. Sometimes you can search for a lifetime and never have the chance to even touch the holy grail that you yearn so much for, while other times one only has to be at the right place at the right time, and a miracle just happens...

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  9. Anticipating your excitement and joy
    Big dream for 8 years
  10. Really enjoying your story Amka!
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  11. Please continue the story....
  12. i love it so far... can't wait to read more and see pics!!!
    (and yes, same for me with Constance :hbeat:)
  13. It was an early ‪Friday afternoon‬ when I walked into my local boutique in search of something else, and after a disappointing conversation with my lovely sale associate about how the item I wanted was not available anymore, she then casually asked if I was looking for any bags since they had a new shipment earlier that day. Before I realized what I was doing, I heard myself whisper the name...Constance. The sales associate smiled and headed towards the door that leads to the back stockroom. Before she closed the door, I heard her ask another sales associate "Is it still available?" My heart started to race and I crossed my fingers and toes hoping that whatever she was asking about was still available and that she would show it to me...

    A couple of minutes passed by, and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach.... Finally my sales associate came back with an orange box in her hands. She kindly invited me to go into a small room off to the side, and I felt my heart is pounding loudly. She asked me to take a seat and then proceeded to carefully open the box and unpacked the item. She peeled away the layers of tissue paper and finally revealed what has hidden underneath. There laying on a small packing pillow was the Constance that I had been waiting for for eight long years. I had tears in my eyes.

  14. here! Hurry!!
  15. its warming me.....this is true love. my collections are based on a similar emotion too, they all come with stories. thank you for sharing yours, i'm in the loop will follow the rest of the tale
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