a little something in BJ

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  1. Last week I posted a thread requesting pic of bj in epsom b/c I like the lighter shade of blue and a lot of nice members answered my post.

    Today I received this beautiful bj epsom card case in the mail from a very kind and generous friend/member (unname b/c she is shy):yes:

    Now I will have a leather item in bj epsom to refer to ....maybe this might lead to something bigger in the future.:graucho:

    Thank you so much XXXXXXX :graucho:
    bj 2.JPG
  2. C!!! hehehe... gorgeous..and the color is really fab!

    BJ in epsom is really dreamy. A friend has it in her Evelyne and it's delicious! The white contrast stitching looks perfect on your cardholder. And a wonderfully generous friend you have too. 3 cheers for Hermes friendships!:yahoo:
  4. Very nice, cxyvr!
  5. oh yum. pre-tty!
  6. congratssss... ;)
  7. wow! that's beautiful! what a wonderful gift!
  8. Yetty working on something bag for ya'?:graucho:
  9. WOW! It's a real beauty...congrats cxyvr! Your friend is so sweet!
  10. Oh, how pretty that is. What a nice surprise!!
  11. So sweet!
  12. Congrats!
  13. What a nice card holder! Congrats!
  14. I love BJ in epsom:heart: :heart: , and ur friend is so.....sweet:love: :love:
  15. Very cute! I love blue jean and need to add something soon to my collection in bj.