A little something i got duty-free!

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  1. it's nothing as big as a bag or anything. just a H clic clac bracelet but i love it to bits. I was on holiday and set eyes on it at the airport :heart: and b4 i left i strolled in a saw it again. the last one there in the wide size. and i was also very tempted when they mentioned that there would be a price increase 2 days later :yucky:
    these bracelets are addictive. one colour never seems to be enough!

    I hope the pics aren't too big.


    MY FREE GIFT from the WONDERFUL SA!!! :nuts:

    My pal who left a day earlier got the red bracelet!
  2. Oooh, so very very nice! It's pretty on you! Congrats, I love it.
  3. gorgeous! The two together look fab!
  4. Very beautiful!!!!!! I need to try the Clic-Clac, I'm thinking!!!!
  5. Very nice Wannabelyn!
    Did the SA mention that it will be a global increase?
  6. OMG! I love freebies and a H one too. Which airport? btw, nice bracelets.
  7. thanku! it was at kuala lumpur international airport. the freebie was so unexpected. :yahoo:

    i got it at the end of february i thought that there was a global increase in march? was there on in america because i know that there was def one in asia and australia...

    thanku girls! :sweatdrop:

    hehehe i assure you once you try it on there's no looking back! but it's a gorgeous piece.
  8. Another increase?! They just had on 1st Jan!
  9. oh so the march increase only hit us in asia and australia then?
  10. Cute Wannabe - I'm sure you'll love wearing it.

    What is the name of your friends bracelet btw?

    Shopmom - you totally need a clic clac... hmmmm maybe black 'n gold!
  11. Gorgeous bracelet congrats! Love your dog, adorable!
  12. Love them!:love:Congrats!:yes:
  13. Congrats!!!!
    I love it!!!! Especially the fact that it is buoght right before the price increase hehe
  14. It looks great on you. And what a cute dog you have.

    An increase AGAIN???!!!
  15. That's lovely, so classic, congratulations