a little sad...

  1. Hi Ladies....

    I recently ventured into Hermes in Manhasset and wanted to buy a belt (I have yet to plunge into bags yet - I have caught myself saying 2000 dollars isn't a lot for a bag and rue the day when I say 5000 is a bargain - LOL!!). Anyway... The salespeople wouldn't help me - (I felt like Julia Roberts in pretty woman - except I was wearing grey Prada pants, black tods loafers, a white lacoste shirt, and a chanel tote). I asked for help twice, keep in mind the store had one other customer in it, and all 3 salespeople were helping one woman. I was in there for almost 10 minutes before I left and bought a prada belt (no substitute). Is there a secret handshake I don't know about?? I was so sad!!
  2. no this is not the way it should be . contact the manager and complain.
    i could scream when i read these stories. and believe me i would have made a scene right there and then they would curse the day they treated me badly :wlae:
  3. I'm starting to think that it is better to speak up and complain about the treatment rather than just take it silently, as least that way they may feel bad and be nicer.
  4. Hi, Try not to be upset, that store is one of the "leased" ones, not a "real" hermes boutique, they are very clubby, and then to their favorite customers and ignore the rest, I am very dissapointed in them too.
  5. Well said avandome.

    I have been treated like this before as well. Please don't take it personally. You are better than that. Please pick yourself up and return to Hermes when you feel better.
  6. I wonder who that one woman was??? Could it have been Baggs?

    Anyways:back2topic: , sorry you were treated like this. It's unfortune how people are treated sometimes. I frequently get ignored too (when I don't feel like dressing up to go shopping) and it just makes me so mad. But then I think about it later and I remind myself that most of these SA only make a fraction of what I do. :P
  7. she had a bright blue kelly bag if that helps.... thanks again ladies

    I think next time I decide to venture into hermes... I will go to Manhattan - funny thing is I lived in Manhattan for the last 2.5 years and never went in....

    Thanks again for cheering me up!!

  8. what makes the store a leased store vs. a real one? why would hermes allow there to be substandard locations?
  9. I learned many years ago that standing silently by rather than speaking up for one's self accomplishes nothing -- except ulcers. I have money to spend, I want to spend it, and my money is just as good as anyone else's. If I cannot get good service when I am in the store, I definitely make sure that EVERYONE there knows when I am walking out!! :hysteric:
  10. It should make no difference -- whether it's leased, owned, Hermes, Saks, Neiman Marcus -- or the corner grocery store. Without customers, they have no business - and without service, they should have no customers. All 3 SAs in that Manhasset store couldn't POSSIBLY be making enough commissions off ONE person to justify ignoring another customer in the store.
  11. The only thing that would hold me back from making a compliant in a situation like this is the possibility of endangering my purse acquisition ... (yeah I know, sounds pretty pathetic) Maybe I'm paranoid but I think if a rude SA has been at the store for a long time, surely someone would've complained already and if the SA is still rude after all that time, then the SA must be someone important (maybe a senior or has connection to someone important) and cannot be rid of or reprimanded for rude behavior ...

    Just a thought ...
  12. i think most people simply don't speak up.
  13. Listen- it's got nothing to do with what you're wearing or how much you can afford to spend. I have read this story over and over again on the Purse forum in all the sub categories. That behavior is bullying- pure and simple. They smell out people that feel a little insecure and they get their kicks out of making others feel small. Next time you are up against an SA like that just remember that their behavior is really pathetic and a symptom of their shallow character- feel sorry for their pathetic shallow little lives.
  14. Honestly, it all comes down to people being rude!

    Do to others as you would like them to do to you!!! Right? There is no excuse at all...regardless!

    All you can do is be the bigger person and pick yourself back up...decide where, when, and if you want to spend your money there.
  15. yep -- that's exactly how they want you to feel! It's all a mind game....they want you to believe that they control access to what you want. IMHO, it's a lot of BS. If you walk in looking like you belong there and not like they are granting you the privilege of being there, then you're two steps ahead of the game.