A Little Reveal

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  1. 1636371E-B327-45C8-B6E1-051661BB6586.jpeg With all the discussions of discontinuations and changes. I decided to purchase this before they disappeared. I also wanted to buy at the boutique as they can be more easily faked than some styles.
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  2. 9BA932DF-B7FF-4314-B18C-A660C6892B01.jpeg Here she is—the satin, snakeskin Chain Knot.

    I am not a clutch person. I have bought only one which I wore once and then donated so the Chain Knot seemed perfect for me.

    I wanted to buy this before the style changes. The newer Chain Knots have silver or gold hardware with satin and not snake trim. I also wanted the brunito hardware with the snake trim. Black is basic but perfect for me and the brunito is more discrete than silver or gold.

    For those of you who haven’t seen this in the boutique, the Chain Knot is 2 cm taller and 3 cm wider. This makes the Chain Knot 41% larger than the standard Knot clutch.

    It’s the same width so there is no difference in one’s ability to grasp or carry it although the size and chain do make it heavier. I wanted to be able to carry my phone and it easily holds my galaxy 9+ with the case.

    The chain is long but I like it.
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  3. Congrats! That is a beauty. :heart:

    I really wish they hadn't change the hardware colour. And to discontinue the knot.. :crybaby:
  4. beautiful and very elegant!
    congrats and enjoy!!
  5. It's lovely. The Knot (regardless of size) is classic Bottega Veneta at its finest.
    Congrats :flowers:
  6. You made an excellent choice. I agree about the hardware color; I really like the understated brunito, too. Thanks for your impressions and info about the size. I've seen the chain Knots before but never played around with them at all.

  7. Stunning, congrats. I’m a knot collector, but have yet to delve into the chain knots.. this is a beautiful lifetime piece.
  8. Is this New light grey? I have the same knot!
  9. Thank you all. This is such a wonderful forum. I love having a place to share.
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  10. 5F2571D1-4359-49FD-BFDA-0858CC3F9186.jpeg
    It’s black—perfect for me so I can worry less about getting it dirty.

    Here’s a better picture. (I haven’t mastered getting the picture to be below the text.)
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  11. and the brunito hw is a real winner! :tup:
  12. This is a beautiful piece of art! Congratulations!!