A Little Nervous

  1. The other day I took a bag to the cobbler to have the straps shortened.

    I have never done this before. It was hard to do!

    I have some HCL bags from the 90s (yes, I am old) that I used to use a lot but have been resting quietly in their dustbags for a while.

    The straps are just too long. Partly because that was the style then and partly because I am only five feet tall!

    Although I used them a lot before with the straps at that length, I decided I would use them more if they were shorter.

    I took one to a cobbler in my old neighborhood. I'd never used them but knew they were popular.

    A very lovely lady waited on me. She told me exactly what she needed to do...how, why...very detailed. She was very helpful in deciding how much to shorten and she seemed to understand my apprehension because she assured me it would look great.

    Previously, all I had ever done was had a bag re-lined by HCL themselves.

    I'm a little nervous. Once those straps are cut...there's no going back!

    Yikes!! :wtf:
  2. it sounds like they know what they are doing, just hang tight! have them do only one if you wanted a bunch to be done, that way all wont be ruined if you dont like it.