A little late, but I'm in LOVE!

  1. :nuts: Check it out!
    $1600 @ Sam's Club - a little weird buying it there, but definitely exhilarating!
    I don't even care that it's after the "it bag" time period, and I really think it's a classic piece because it's such an original shape.
    I am so in love with it - it's such a deep brown and the handles are fabulous:love:
    Leave my new choco spy some love please!
    MYFendiChocolateSPY1.jpg MYFendiChocolateSPYEdited.jpg
  2. congrats on your new baby! I think it's never too late to own an "it" bag if you really like it and will use it for many years to come.
  3. Pretty cool! Congrats!
  4. Here's a little love for your new Spy!:love: :love: :love: :love: Congratulations! I've got the same one and love love love the color! It's such a rich and gorgeous brown!

    Thanks for the picture and enjoy the Spy!
  5. Congrats on a good deal! I love:love: my spy too ... it's so easy to fall in love with when you see it IRL!
  6. Thanks girls!
    I'm so deliriously happy :biggrin:
    Maybe I should set up a collection pic now...hmm
  7. Yay!!! It's so lovely, and such a cool color. I think the texture is really great! Hee, you look so happy in the pic, it looks good on you... :smile:
  8. It is gorgeous!! Such a beautiful color.. congratulations!!
  9. Congrats!! That bag looks fab, I love that color!
  10. congrats, Eucci! the leather looks wonderful!
  11. Awesome, congrats on your purchase. And hey, better late than never. ;)
  12. ooh it's gorgeous!! congrats on your purchase :smile: i would never hesitate to buy a terrific bag at a wholesale club it's a great price! :smile:
  13. i love itttttttttttttt
    ^^ CONGRATZ!!!
  14. Congrats on your new purchase. It's never to late to find a bag you love
  15. congrats congrats!!! love your new spy~~~
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