A little eye candy..(PIC)

  1. Just wanted to share this picture. The ink is actually my sister's, but she is currently borrowing my BI day and gave me inky to use in its place.
  2. ^^ yummy, yummy in my tummy :drool:
  3. ^^
    heehee... I totally agree!! Wow.. that's the darkest looking ink I've seen yet - PRETTY!!!!
  4. Scrrrrrumptious!!!!!

  5. LOL!:roflmfao:

    I'm so jealous! Especially about the magenta!:love: I have been craving magenta! The ink is a beauty too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Nice but I am loving the magenta!!
  7. Wonderful the leather looks soooooooooo nice!
  8. :drool: Oh my!!! I LOVE EYE CANDY!!! The Magenta looks brand new!!! It's one of my favorite colors, and although I own it in the Box style I would love it in a City!!! Thanks for sharing!
  9. That is hot.
  10. Ohhh beautiful bags :nuts: - CONGRATS addicetd..... :flowers: ! The Ink city is very pretty but I L:heart: :heart: :heart: VE the MAGENTA :yahoo: !!

    Thank you for sharing :love:
  11. thanks, I am loving miss magenta as well. She just arrived yesterday and I can't stop smiling!

    Here are some closeups of both:
    missmagenta.JPG missink.JPG
  12. OH MY GOD!!!! These are the exact two colors that made me fall in luurrve with b-bags!!! LOVE 'EM!!!!!! I'm sure you'll enjoy them!!!

    (I am still on the lookout for either one!)
  13. :drool: Yumm!
  14. 0o0o0 you're lucky to have a lil sister to share your b-bags with!!! totally LOVE magenta and ink! thanks for sharing pics!
  15. wow...thx for sharing...my eyes are now drooling haha :smile: