A Little Bit More Leopard

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  1. My Long Locked Purse from Selfridges London

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  2. That is divine - you are making me want one even more than I did already and that was badly enough.
  3. OH MY GOD THAT IS GORGEOUS. Love it. Enjoy.
  4. Thats ggrrrrrrrrrrrrreat Jackie. Do you have the lovely Alexa bag to go with it?
  5. :faint: Jackie, that is gorrrrrrrgeous!!!
  6. That's a beauty Jackie-:biggrin:

    I'd love one of those to go with my Oak leopard Alexa:smile:
  7. that's gorgeous! i was wondering if they'd used the oak leopard in a bigger purse. eek might have to get one!
  8. Thanks girls I wa so pleased to find one it does match my OS leopard Alexa very well :yahoo:

    I looked at a few and was surprised by the difference in shades I chose quite a dark one
  9. Oh that is fab! xx
  10. It's lovely!! :biggrin:
  11. Oh thats stunning - nice to see the leopard in a larger size than the Alexa wallet - can really see the leather in depth.
  12. Love it! Really gorgeous.
  13. Really looking fab next to your avatar! Oh I can feel your pride & joy when you open your OS Alexa and bring out that purse in front of somebody....;)
  14. Gorgeous, congrats !
  15. This is a gorgeous purse. I definately want one buy why do Mulberry not have them in their stores and online? Why is it that Selfridges have it when Mulberry don't?