a little bit confused !! need experienced Chanel addicts !

  1. What do you mean? I'm thinking it is harder to find since I think I've only seen it once or twice in the stores..it's probably because of the hardware since the gold hardware is more common.
  2. I just checked the link that you posted and my understanding is that this bag is a medium/large classic flap in black caviar. The retails is $1595. It's very easy to find right now. Well, judging from the style # that seller posted, I'm positive that it's the same bag that I just bought recently and there are plenty of them available at Chanel boutiques here in the US.
  3. I think what has your SA confused is the seller's description which combines 2.55 + "classic flap". What's depicted in the auction pics is a large (but not jumbo) Classic Flap -- not the 2.55 Reissue which, e.g., does not have the intertwined CC clasp shown in those pics but rather a rectangular clasp.

    And yes, until February 1st when Chanel is raising its prices, this bag -- which is not "rare" -- is selling here in the USA for $1595 (before taxes).
  4. Thanks for clear up the confusion ! no wonder the sales have no idea what style of bag i was talking about...i keep telling her its not the re-issue but she said 2.55 IS the re-issue :p
    too bad there are no Chanel Boutiques in NZ .... otherwise i would go out and buy one RIGHT NOW !!:yes:
  5. Yes your SA must've been confused. SAs call the reissue the 2.55 because that is what Coco called the reissue. The "classic flap" was a design later on after the reissue. It is somehow also called the 2.55. Just clarify with price. $1595 is classic flap and the starting price for reissues or 2.55 is $1875 for the 225 SIZE, which is the most common size (there are 5). There's a good post about it here. Just use the search tool and go by "classic flap sizes" or something.
  6. Check out the thread that "purse-onality" started about the background of the "re-issue". It is under this section from earlier today (1.26.07). She and I got a great history lesson about the 2.55 re-issue. I believe the e-bay description erroneously refers to the bag as a 2.55.