a lil more news on spring 07 colors

  1. i just got back from bal ny today and got some news on the spring colors from a really sweet SA. she said that she saw some of the swatches and was able to describe some of the colors.

    Truffe - kind of lightish med brown
    Vert gazon (grass green)- this is like kelly green
    Vert d'eau (water green)- this may have a slight yellowish tone
    Marine/Dark sea- this is dark dark navy, almost black
    Turquoise - she didn't see this but thinks it could be seafoam! i got really excited and she quickly said she really has no idea so i am keeping fingers crossed
    Rouge vermillon- this is bright orange

    she said the official swatches may come in late october..:yahoo:
  2. Thank you very much for that info.
    I' sorry but what shade is exactly a kelly green?
  3. water green sounds like it might be cute!
  4. Ok I got it, I googled it and I found the color.:s
    I hoped it would have been a bit more like the old apple green.
    Such a pity:crybaby:
    I'll hope for aqua green or turquoise then.:shame:
  5. I'm really really hoping that the Turquoise will be like 05 Turquoise!!
  6. Kelly green is usually a true green like a Crayola crayon green. Like a real irish green (hence the kelly name)...the Dark Sea almost sounds like an ink color...would love to see that one. Too bad theres no pinks in the group...damn.
  7. O:huh:Oo!! Thanks for the info!

  8. No pinks! I agree...damn!

  9. oooooh I'm so excited!!!! I can't wait for the dark sea and the kelly green!
  10. Yeah, I thought about Ink when I read that about Dark Sea too. Interesting!!!

    I'm sad there's no pink or red( <-- although I figured there wouldn't be because they already had Rouge Vif this season)
  11. I'm crossing my fingers for a really nice turquoise color!
  12. Do you know if they will be making the purse style in these colors?
  13. colors sound yummy.....
  14. Oooh...the marine/dark sea or turquoise sounds really nice! Thanks for posting!:flowers:
  15. she said that there might be another gray again which i think is weird bc that will be the 3rd season in a row. also i told her i really hope that bal does a yellow color and she said that their store has made that request multiple times so who knows, maybe next year!