A lil' help about "Amanda" for Amanda! Please?!


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
Well OFCOURSE I'm obsessed....it is afterall my namesake line!!! I have the cosmetic case and jewelry pouch (thanks to RAOK buddy) in magenta. I'm about to start adding some of the other accessories such as the mini's (I'd like all colors made,) capacity wristlet and the regular wristlet. Here's my problem...I can't decide what colors to purchase these item's in because I have yet to decide on a satchel color! I don't want too much of the same color, KWIM?

Was the Amanda Satchel ever made in the purple color? I can't find one, I see accssories all over in purple...but no satchel to be found! Furthermore, where the H-E double hockey stick DID all the Amanda satchels go??? I have yet to see one at my outlet, I know they are all over the bay but I'd like teal or purple or steel! I already have 1 too many black bags, and I'm afraid with the cosmetic case and jewelry pouch already being magenta that adding the satchel in magenta would be too much!

What are your suggestions??? I don't want the green!

I'll be doing a TOTAL mix of the colors in the other accessories I purchase, I want my "Amanda" collection to be a beautiful specimin of Madison colors!

HELP!!!!! :sweatdrop:


Nov 28, 2008
I'd also go with teal. I love the mixed colors of the Amanda accessories. I think the jewel tones look beautiful together!


Jun 22, 2008
I only saw one at my outlet and it was in black. I couldn't justify the $95 price tag, so I took it back... and then my friend recently picked one up for $60 at the outlet, so now it's MINE! :smile:

I would go with teal. I think I read that the satchel never came in purple.


Feb 28, 2008
Yeah, the satchel didn't come in purple. There is a silver (gray), but it was a dept store exclusive color, so it probably won't show up at the outlets.


Pretty in Pink
May 2, 2007
West Of Boston
I have seen the Amanda in Teal, Pink, Green, and Black at my Outlet in Wrentham.... I can check this weekend to see what they still have...

I would say get the Purple, but like you, I have not seen it in purple...

As for the Steel Grey, I thought I saw a Steel Grey at Macy's... I have the Steel Grey Mini.....


Outlet addict
Oct 30, 2008
Orlando, FL
I've bought pink and teal accessories, and they meld really nicely together because of the jewel tones. I like them in my bags with the Legacy stripe linings -- they all mix in with the stripes.

The teal is my favorite, though -- it's really rich. My pink mini was $10, so I couldn't say no.


Apr 28, 2008
I couldn't decide.
I bought all the colors!

I think I like teal the best, followed by green.

Didn't realize that the silver (Grey) was a dept store exclusive.
That explains why I didn't find any at outlets!
I picked up the silver capacity wristlet and silver wristlet at Dillard's for $44 and $22 respectively.


Jan 5, 2009
New Orleans, LA
There are a couple gray ones on bay, or at least there were a few days ago. I really like the gray, it's different, but my favorite is magenta. I bought a magenta mini skinny the other day. All of them are such beautiful colors, I don't think you could go wrong.


May 22, 2008
Sunny CA
I love the Amanda accessories! Teal and purple are my favorite colors. I started with a plum/ purple mini skinny during December's PCE and kept hoping they would make it to the outlets. I got lucky about 2 weeks ago when I visited my local outlet and ended up with a teal capacity wristlet, a teal cosmetic case, a purple cosmetic case and a teal mini skinny at great prices. I missed out on the jewelry pouches but the EBay prices recently are not bad at all, so I may bid on a teal one.


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
Well gals, upon further review and some good info here (as always) I have discovered that the satchel did NOT come in purple....MEANIES!!!! LOL

I have the cosmetic case and jewelry pouch in magenta and don't want to have a pink OVERDOSE so I've decided on teal, when I am able to find one!

In regards to the gals who were questioning my steel comment, I was speaking of the "gray."

***If anyone spots one at their outlet PLEASE PM me ASAP so I can try and do a charge-send.

I'll update you all!

PS~ As always I have decided on the one color that seems to be a little harder to find then the magenta, black and grass. I do love the look of the grass BUT I do not see myself carrying a grass green bag all that often.

Another ?

Are the Amanda satchels deceiving size wise like the Sabrina's are? What I mean is am I going to be PLEASENTLY suprised at what I can fit in her????