A Legacy Bonanza!!!!....but I am now facing the depressing truth..Not a Legacy gal!!

  1. Well, I made a SPECIAL trip to my outlet today....in the same neck of the woods as Tanukiki's. OH, MY GOSH!! Talk about tons of great bags...it was incredible! The place was totally nuts, too.. I got there at 10:30, and there were already tons of people.

    The extra 10% off was today as well. Here is a smattering of what they had..
    -Ali's in white, whiskey, and black..
    -Ali slim flaps in whiskey and the citron/canvas combo..
    -07 Legacy shoulder bags in citron..
    -06 Legacy shoulder ?? style # 10326 (I'll find a pic on drilldown in a min) in black, whiskey, and white...
    -06? Legacy flap small purse...(I'll locate on drilldown)..black and whiskey
    -06 Legacy shoulder bags in whiskey/camel...the large ones only..(see more info in my next post about this)
    -a Legacy hippie in black
    - the hamptons carryalls in that pretty turquoise..
    -Carley demis in black and chocolate sig
    -06 Legacy satchels...GORGEOUS!!..in black, maybe whiskey, and a gorgeous blue..
    -of course, the regular outlet stuff...oh, and quite a few gallery totes and duffles in the new? patchwork...not sure..(drilldown coming)

  2. Here is what I got...this bag in whiskey.. (they had black,too..gorgeous)
    and the Legacy SMALL shoulder bag, 10328...because I'd called last night and had them put it on hold for me. There were NO more, in fact, when I first walked in I saw the large ones in this style, and thought, "no way can I carry these!" :blush:oops..but they were the large ones...to be continued...

  3. Oh, I'm such a Legacy gal it's sickening! *LOL* But unfortunately, we don't have any Coach Outlets here in AZ. I can't quite afford to buy Legacy items with retail prices. And the Coach Outlet near my family in Camarillo, CA never has any Legacy items! I don't understand why but they just never do (I have my younger sis check it out on a bi-weekly basis for me and she's never had any luck).
  4. Believe it or not I agree with the OP.... I too went to the outlet today (I only liked/got a silver lurex mini skinny) and there were a lot of legacy items... they even had some in a nice baby blueish color... but the truth is I am not a legacy girl atleast not the leather bags? But I almost wanted to buy one because of the strips inside... now the stripes I love.
  5. I want!
  6. I tried them on and loved them...tried my stuff in them, etc, etc. I also tried on the Alis which were just lovely, but I thought I'd like these better. I bought a black outlet lunch tote as well.

    I just got back (LOONGGG drive) and I've been playing with these bags. They are so beautiful, but are just too heavy for me! I am just not used to all this hardware. I don't know how you ladies carry these, honestly. I bought a Leigh, but returned it (Whiskey) because it was too heavy. I think my leather days may be coming to an end, at least in Legacy! The style is just not for me...but I want it to be!!!

    I do like the lunch tote, but the straps are a bit stiff...and of course, there is the zipper to contend with. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm a Coach girl, after all!:wtf: But if you can, go down to the San Marcus outlet because they have a ton of stuff. I'll be returning my 2 to the store this week.
  7. Did you go to Round Rock or San Marcos? Because they (Round Rock) either held out on me or got more Alis in because they had no white or black yesterday. And a Carly demi in choc sig?!? :nuts: *mutters to self "on a ban on a ban"*
  8. I love those stripes, too...why are you not a legacy gal?

    Yes, that citron bag was so cute!!
  9. Tanukiki, I went to San Marcos, because I drove so far to get there, I wanted to go to the one that would have more. I went quickly to RR on the way back, but their selection wasn't nearly as good.
  10. OMG, I waaaaaaaaaaant a shoulder bag in citron!! They still don't have any at my outlet... *cry*
  11. Lately, I've been feeling like Coach has all these cool components, but they never seem to "merge" into the perfect bag, if you KWIM. Either too short a drop, too long a drop, too large, too small, too heavy, that darn zipper on the gallery totes, strap too wide, etc, etc. Oh, and I WISH my lunch tote had a pretty color lining..maybe purple? I would also make it easier to find stuff. Of course, it's an outlet bag....
  12. If I had been by myself I would have gone to both too but couldn't do it yesterday. Just as well I guess. I love my Natural Ali and might have been tempted to get a black one too if they had her in black...
  13. Honestly, you wouldn't think that the whiskey I bought...10326 would be all that heavy, because it's small, but I put my few things into in and it was 4 lbs!!!:wtf:
  14. I hear you!! I loved the Alis...came very close to buying one, but was worried about the weight, so got the smaller leg. bag...but still too heavy. I did like the Ali slim flap a LOT, and almost got the citron/canvas, but I'm not a big fan of that color, so left it there. It was a bit lighter.