A Lap Dance For Diddy's Son Justin

  1. He is only 13!!:sad:
  2. omg! Are you kidding me!
  3. That is sick!
  4. erm 13..what is that? 7th 8th grade? ACKKK NOOOOOO.
  5. Completely inappropriate behaviour for such a young person to experience. A parent is meant to guard against such things towards their children and what on earth was that woman thinking?
  6. OMG! Shock!
    Thats so sad.
  7. Where is her mother?
    I have a 10 year old this would kill me.
  8. That is so sick!!! What great parents :yucky:
  9. :yucky: Ewwwwww. That's so wrong, gross, and sad. Where the hell are the parents????????
  10. ^^ I thought he was a boy???

    Everything has been said .....
  11. seriously!
  12. ITA with all of you. Irresponsible parents :cursing: !
  13. OMG! Grosss!!! How did those little girls learn to dance so gross!!??
  14. Were is his mother and why is this happening. This is a child and he does not need to exposed to this type of behavior. I fail to see the humor in this the person who let this happen needs to take a parenting class.
  15. OMG! That is so inappropriate. SICK!