A Happy(smooshy/perfect) Ending ,to a bit of "05 Work "DRAMA!! YAY

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  1. Hi Everyone..:heart:
    So maybe some of u noticed that I had some sort of authenticity problems about a black 05 work I found on a famous internet page...(WHOW I was a wreck, cause I thought it might be a fake..)
    So finally after some more customs drama(another story, all I say is 200$:cursing: )
    it's here, and it's perfect and I LOVE it..
    I had a very rough time the last couple of weeks and Im more than happy to finally be a proud mum to my lovely*in mint condition* '05 black work..
    Tried to take some pics..

    very smooshy gorgeous leather..
    the seller even sent it with ALL( I mean ALL:smile: cards receipts and even Barneys bag..

    and here are some modeling pics.. please excuse my stupid outfit+pose..it was right before our concert tonight..i was fooling around a bit


    I forgot!THANK U SOOOO MUCH to all u girls(and guys) that helped me out with some sympathy , knowledge and patience..
    u know who u are :smile:
  2. PRETTY!!!! LOVE the leather! Sorry you had so much drama with this bag but hopefully it was worth it!
  3. I love your dress. You look so pretty and happy. Congrats.:yahoo:
  4. OMG I have to say I LOVE the 05 black work. I mean I have an 05 black city I STILL love the work version to it because its more bag to show off the amazing leather!!

    Incredible, unmistakable 05 leather as always. And of course, your outfit is to die for. I must remember that combo for a night out ;):graucho:
  5. Gorgeous bag.....but you are even more gorgeous! Love that dress.
  6. OMG the leather on the work is incredible!! glad everything worked out...congrats on a fabulous find!!
  7. Both you and you bag are fab!!!:girlsigh:

  8. Those might be the cutest modeling pics I've ever seen! The leather on your work is amazing. So glad things turned out well. congrats!
  9. you look smashing with the gorgeous work! i love it when women pose with a bit of 'drama' :wlae:congrats!
  10. Congrats!! :yahoo:Gorgeous bag, and you look amazing with it!! :tup:
  11. The bag looks great and your poses are so cute! You two look gorgeous together!!
  12. the leather looks amazing, looks really smooshy. and you look gorgeous as well. congrats!!!
  13. congrats oula! love your work. it is a classic beauty and the leather looks so thick and soft. enjoy and you look gorgeous as usual!
  14. Yummmmy!!!!!! Congrats Oula..........the leather on that bag is TDF!!!!!
  15. Congrats!