A Happy Ending?!?! Need An Opinion With A Poll!!!


Which color for the Legacy Thompson Hobo

  1. Toffee

  2. Ink

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  1. Well, some of you may have read my threads on how i've had a tough time finding a bag that would be not only good for my back, be a 4 season bag, and not be sooo big.

    Then i bought a new Bleeker from COACH/JAPAN and after using it for 4 hours, my dear friend got popcorn grease on it. (See "I couldn't be more upset" thread).

    Well, in any case, my Dear, DEAR Husband who knows that i've been saving my "fun money" to purchase a purse, seeing that i had a ruined one that could not be saved, felt really bad for me.

    He told me not to worry about it, and that he was going to treat me to whatever i wanted to get from COACH. So, he's okayed for me to get the new Thompson Legacy Hobo !!! I was so shocked and thankful!!!

    Now here,s where you guys come in-- which color-- Toffee or Ink. Remember a purchase like this cannot be one of trend-- has to be classic. And to respect my husband's generousity i want the color that is suitable for all 4 seasons. The purse ain't cheap-- it's gotta have mileage on it.

    So help me ladies, and help me pick a color! Here's the site:

    PS. I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!! :love:
    PPS. No pressure-- but i want to order the purse tomorrow evening-- just can't wait! :nuts: so i would LOVE to know what you all think.
  2. INK! it's lovely!
  3. my vote's for Ink!!!
  4. Dont you just love awesome husbands?! I have one too so I know how you feel! I think I would probably look at your wardrobe and see which color family you wear more often, and then choose your color that way. Personally I wear lots of black, browns, neutrals, so I would definitely pick the tobacco. But if you are a denim, jeans, etc type of person, then maybe the ink. Put one on each shoulder and keep checking from side to side in the mirror!! And congrats - on the new bag and the great husband! Let us know what you decide.
  5. I prefer the toffee, but they are both beautiful! Enjoy :yahoo:
  6. What an incredibly sweet hubby! I voted for toffee even though I do love the ink. I'm a brown bag kind of gal though!
  7. I just saw this bag today IRL and it's gorgeous...BUT if you're looking for something not "sooooo big", you might want to check it out first - it's a big bag! (at least to me, and compared to your other bag based on your pic). Colorwise, the Ink was absolutely beautiful and a wonderful shade - blue enough to be noticed as blue and not black, but not so much as to not be versatile with everything. It's really nice!
  8. My vote is for the toffee, I find that to be the more classic colour. But of course I'm not the one wearing it. As for your grease issue, I work with leather and the best thing I can suggest would be do nothing. Adding any creams, lotions or powders etc may cause further damage. The oil (grease) will naturally be absorbed into the pores of the leather and eventually be much less noticeable if not completly disappear. Hope it all works for you. Congrats on having such a sweetie of a hubby oh and of course the new bag.
  9. I love the ink color!
  10. Toffee! What a sweet hubby!!
  11. I vote toffee.. it's beautiful and will definately last longer imo style wise for color and you mentioned the 4 seasons, you can't go wrong!!! :tup: Let us know when you decide! :yes:
  12. my vote's for toffee!
  13. I totally love dark colored bags! But this one is just beautiful in toffee!
  14. Toffee!!
  15. I really like both colors. but I think that the toffee would be a better everyday, all season bag.