A great store - a great 05 Caramel Bag

  1. It's Second Chance Retail on Lexington Avenue, in Manhattan, phone: (212)744-6041

    Maria is the person to talk to - she's very very nice. This is a reputable resale store that, last I knew, had a gorgeous 05 Caramel Twiggy. I bought it sight unseen, but it was too neutral for my particular needs right now (I'm one of those that like the 06 Carmels and Camels, it turns out - the ones sometimes described as looking like butterscotch pudding).

    This 05 Twiggy is as close to perfect as a 2 year old bag can be, I think. It's a honey color - very very close to Sandstone - in fact, I'd have thought it was more Sandstone than Carmel, and I'm more a classic carmel girl than a Sandstone girl (although I saw an adorable young woman wearing black jeans, a white shirt and carrying a gorgeous Sandstone bag here in L.A. the other day - the total effect was just elegant and lovely). Like Sandstone, this color is best described as natural and neutral.

    Anyway, the leather on this bag is the classic, yummy 05 leather - soft and rich. Just wanted you all to know that this store is out there, on the second floor, near the 1000 block of Lexington. The price was good too (well under $1000, so compared to many ebayers, a really great deal).
  2. Sorry, but I really need to remind everyone that there is absolutely no trading or buying between members on the PF. Please do not contact melisande to purchase this bag, but rather contact the store directly.

    Thank you! We appreciate everyone's efforts in abiding by the PF rules.