A Golden Le Fabuleux?!

  1. Yikes! That is all I can say, Yikes, yikes yikes!
  2. :shocked: I wonder if all this gold will rub off when you use the bag? :wacko::lol:
  3. :throwup::sick::tdown:
  4. Suhali did come in gold and silver. Don't know if this acutal one is real.
  5. Yes, I saw that one on Jessica simpson, but I don't like it in gold, although I love other golden bags
  6. Ick, looks like they spray painted it. The authentic ones are SO gorgeous, that one is hideous.
  7. I saw a very cute aimable suhali in silver the other day I loved it :heart:
  8. WHOA!! :wtf: There is also gonna be gold and silver SUHALI LOCKITS!!!!
  9. yeah, looks nothing like the authentic ones... this one is horribly ugly!
  10. Eugh that is ugggly, i love the REAL silver and gold Le'fab's though!
  11. Ewww, that is gross. The authentic ones are pretty nice though.
  12. eekk... Does not look anything like the real ones!:tdown:
  13. OMG I can't believe someone bought it.
  14. Eww.