A fun thread for the foodie in you!

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  1. Maybe I am just food obsessed, but my Gold Birkin reminds me of golden fried chicken. I think is is a combination of the variations in the tone of the leather and the bumps of the togo finish! The coloring is just so yummy! :lol:


    What food does your bag bring to mind?
  2. Oooooo good one ,my pink ostrich reminds me of berries in a perfect gold platter on the deck of fantastic yacht in Miami . as my black Kelly reminds me os licorice macarroons from laduree in Paris in the winter.
  3. The pic makes me feel more like eating fried chicken than getting a Birkin. Is this a good thing or bad thing?
  4. Good thing I love fried chicken and it's way cheaper than a birkin
  5. Hmmm... your fried chicken looks good, maybe I shd have some for dinner tonight :smile:

    (oh the Gold birkin is beautiful ;p)
  6. opened this thread ~ bad timing ~ no fried chicken place nearby ~ bad bad bad:P
    DS .. very cute thread .. hope everyone contributes^ .. now very hungry!

    My chevre cocoan looks like 85% dark choc from Godiva .. needs to search for a pic
  7. My Rubis reminds me of my favorite summer dessert..Raspberry Sorbet!
    My Etoupe looks like my Starbucks Frappucino!
  8. #8 Oct 16, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2010
    Oh .. and adding

    black ardenne kelly .. looks like squid ink pasta:P
    RVHAC .. like strawberries ripened in the :sunshine:
    RaisinHAC .. like california raisin .. how does that song go^?
    Etrusque birkin .. like baked apple pie
    brique b-box .. Vietnamese coffee
    BA evelyn ii .. like blueberries in the sunset
    barenia and toile trim ii .. like pecan swirls w/ icing .. YUM, carbs for the eyes!
  9. self proclimed foodie here.. it's a good thing :smile:

    you can use your hermes bag to hide the full tummy. i do :P
  10. Omg this is not helping my efforts to lose weight at all...
  11. I'm on my way to KFC! :biggrin:
  12. Ahhhh Hermes Only, I love Moca Frapp, will try to get a pic when I bring my etoupe Lindy out :P

  13. My rose shocking calvi always reminds me of a rose flavored macaron!!!
  14. I LOVE this thread! It's good enough to eat! :roflmfao: (Oh sometimes I just crack myself up...)

    I like to think of my H scarves as food-related too....my creamy, dreamy Les Pivoines always reminds me of a butterscotch sundae.
  15. My nieces and nephews always say that my Ebene Box Birkin looks like a big bar of dark chocolate..................


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