A flashy pair of D&G jeans I've recently acquired: What should I wear with them?


Dec 19, 2006

I'm conscious of the fact that these jeans are pretty flashy due to the metal buttons, so I'm thinking I probably wont be able to wear them casually. I'm interested in knowing what you think I should wear with them. I was thinking a grey or black sport coat/dress shoes, but I'm unsure. Thanks.

Jillian Dollars

Kitty Sniper
Jul 28, 2006
I have a pair of D&Gs that are even flashier than these (believe it or not). I wear them with a simple fitted black top and coordinated but relatively simple chunky platforms in the same color as the secondary detail on the jeans
(in my case a muted green).

ETA: Just saw that you just posted that you were male. I am not sure what your style is but I could see those in a "slacker" look with a Tee and jeans. For a different look, I have a male friend that I have seen rock a similar pair at a Paramount studios benefit with a button down shirt (untucked, of course) and nice black shoes (maybe they were boots - I can't remember).