A first for me... Instant reveal and a shoutout!

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  1. image.jpeg

    I stopped into H today not really looking for anything in particular. I mostly wanted to say hi to my SA. One thing led to another and he brought these babies out. Once I tried them on, I was hooked! They were instantly comfortable, which is saying a lot with my difficult-to-fit feet.

    Presenting my new ankle boots!!
  2. I would like to thank my H shoe enabler MrsOwen3 for her recommendation of H boots the last time we were at a meetup together. She was wearing a fabulous pair of H ankle boots and not only did they look fabulous but she told me how comfy they were. I foresee more H shoes in my future!
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  3. Amazing boots! I'm in loooove!
  4. Love it!!
  5. Gorgeous boots! Perfect classic. Enjoy!
  6. gorgeous bootie ... i can't wait for mine to arrive ... so many colours to choose and yes they are very comfy
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  7. Gorgeous boots! I bet that they look fab!
  8. How cool are these boots?!? Love them . congrats
  9. Congrats on your new boots and more to come from the H world right?? :smile:
  10. Those are gorg! I love the kelly buckle on it too!