A few questions about the Cambon line

  1. Hi everyone, I just have a few questions about the purses from this line because I am saving up to get one in the next few months :yes:

    1) Are the black ones ever going on sale? The lady in Chanel told me the line was discontinued, but the black ones are still full price. Do you think they'll be marked down this December?

    2) Is it true that if it says "Made in France" inside the bag, it's fake?

    3) For those of you with the bowler, do the straps ever fall off your shoulder? This is the one that I really want, but the straps don't seem to stay on very well. Also, is the bowler (or any of them) a good everyday bag or is the leather too fragile?

    TIA! :heart:
  2. In regards to question 2 - "Made in France" is a good thing.
  3. The line discontinue on some of color egv. pink.
    Black and white is hard to find but black and black patent logo is still
    many of them out there.

    Made in France is a good thing. Some of the purse will marked Made in italy...still a good thing as long as not Made in where else...LOL

    The leather is soft and it will eventually scratch up.
    The handle on bowler will pretty much slip off. But...don't we all buy the name and design but not function?
  4. I was considering the bowler and the fact that the handles kept slipping off my shoulder bothered me so i went for the medium messenger...but the bowler is a great bag to carry as a handheld!
  5. I don't really do the handheld thing so I guess I have to pass on the bowler even though I love it :Push:. Though I'm a bit worried about getting any of them if the leather will scratch up a lot. I just love the black with white Cs combination! It's casual enough for my age and it seems like it will go with anything.

    Has anyone heard anything about them going on sale? Thanks to all those that have answered so far! :heart:
  6. I always carry my bowler on my shoulder. I think you need to try it on. Some people have problems with slippage, some don't.
  7. I have lots of cambons and haven't had any problems at all with scratching (only normal corner wear). I don't have that particular style so I can't comment on straps. I do have two of the large totes and truly feel that this is one of the most practical yet stylish bags that I have!
    Not sure if black on black is going on sale.
  8. My Outdoor Tote says Made in Italy. Why are some bags made in Italy and some in France? I wonder if the process/quality control is different? I notice some minor nuances on my tote now that I've had it a few days and plan to try to locate another tomorrow for comparison.

    On the interwoven chain/leather handles, where the leather doubles back underneath and is cut and sewn down, the very end of the one of those leather pieces opens up. It's hard to explain and is easily flattened down but it bothers me that it can open like that. It could be nothing and inherent on all bags but the only way I'll know is to compare it to another tote.

    All my other Chanel bags are Made in France.
  9. I don't think there's a difference. It's like that whole "USA, France, Spain" debate with LV. Since they're hand made, there's always bound to be differences in each bag.
    But regarding the OP, I have a multipocket which is like the bowler without straps and I don't notice a problem with them slipping off my shoulder. If you're planning on carrying them for a long time though, they DO tend to dig into your shoulder but they're really comfortable, for the most part.
  10. I think every bag is different on every body.

    My LV BH has one strap that always slips off but it doesn't on a lot of people.
    Cambon leather isn't lambskin, it isn't too delicate, it shouldn't scratch easily.
  11. Good thread. I'm interested in the Cambon line and want to purchase one in a couple of months as well. I want the black/white reporter.
  12. I bought my cambon a few months back and although I haven't used it heavily (about 1-2X a month), I haven't noticed any scratch, marks, scuffs, anything of that sort. I have the beige-black cambon, so if anything, it would definitely show - I haven't noticed any yet. Black with white CC is such a classic piece! I wish I can still get a bowler - although I should be saving for the classic flap! :whistle:
  13. My cambon bowler was fine. Once and a while the shoulder strap fell off, but not enough to complain. Once your stuff is inside, the weight holds the straps on better. I think it is really cute and will be in style for sometime. I gave it to my sister because she wanted it sooo bad.
  14. Hmm I tried on the bowler yesterday and had some doubts about the straps, but that's a good point that once my stuff is in there it might be better :yes:

    Lvbabydoll, do you think the straps might have just dug into your shoulder because the reporter is a heavier bag? I'm hoping that isn't a common thing.

    I'm thinking I might do a large (or medium, which actually says small on the tag - it gets confusing) tote instead of the bowler because it seems more practical. But I'll just have to see. If the line really is discontinued I might just be getting it sooner and paying it off later :lol:

    Thanks to everyone for the advice!
  15. Lol I think I know why actually, because the bag itself really isn't heavy, despite how it looks. I was carrying it the other day when I was on a mad shopping spree at South Coast Plaza. So I think the constantly adjusting my shopping bags kept making the reporter's straps shift a bit and I think that's what did it. :shame: