A few questions about LV

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am new to the whole LV phenomenon so I just bought the LV catalog and if someone doesn't mind could they answer a few of my questions?

    I was looking through it and I noticed the carryall in monogram leather was not listed, howcome? How much would it cost to have my initials put on a carryall/keepall and what are the different ways they can be put on (pictures?)? How much would it cost to ask them to make a damier carryall? When you purchase a bag what is the packaging? How do you keep the shape of the bag ( for example to prevent a speedy from "hanging" on the bottom" ) ?

    Thank you in advance for your time. I am sure you all have answered these questions a billion times already.
  2. ok thats alot of questions... i have no idea why the mono carryall isnt in there, it may not be aperminant colleciton yet ( i have it, its my 1st and only lv bag!!!) intialls can be put on in a variety of ways, heatstampin gis the most popular (and its free) it can be done natural (no color) ar with paint added i.e. with color gold and silver are also avaliable, concider what size and what color yo uwish to get on it gold is most popular to match the hardware. i sugest you get the name tag onyl stamped with your initials as it doesnt actually affect the bag, if yuo acctually stamp the bag then the resale value id depply decreased, the other areas of the bag that can be heatstamped are the vachetta areas, the most popular are the handles (only on particular models not the rolled handles which the carryall has), the vachetta areas on the inside of the bags and the vachetta tabs on the outside which connect the harware to the bag. a damier carryall is not yet made by lv which means if you want one it needs to be special ordered, meaning they make it specifically for you for this they charge 30% more that the mono carryall, and request a 50% deposit when it is initally ordered and the remander of the 50% when it arrived also if you do change your mind the intiall50% deposit is non refundable! they also take several months to make ( i would assume at least 6 months), the sag of the speedy ( i think your refering to) is a whole ketttle of fish, ask some of the memebrs her some use magazines at the base, thick cardboard, perspex squares, foam squares i guess what ever you prefer HTH