A few more Hermes Paris shop pictures

  1. Here are the pictures from the 3 stores, some of the windows were already photographed by others. This is what I got:

    hDSC01495 (Large).jpg

    hDSC01494 (Large).jpg

    hDSC01493 (Large).jpg

    hDSC01492 (Large).jpg

    hDSC01491 (Large).jpg
  2. More...

    hDSC01490 (Large).jpg

    hDSC01489 (Large).jpg

    hDSC01488 (Large).jpg

    hDSC01487 (Large).jpg

    hDSC01486 (Large).jpg
  3. Ooh, I love these! Thanks, Avan! Is that a leather/wood Kelly??:wtf:
  4. Thanks, Avan!!! I love seeing the stores from around the world.
  5. Thanks for the pics...wow definitely more than what my store puts in their windows at anyone time :smile:
  6. and finally...

    hDSC01484 (Large).jpg

    hDSC01483 (Large).jpg

    hDSC01481 (Large).jpg

    hDSC01480 (Large).jpg

    hDSC01476 (Large).jpg
  7. Lovely pics, thanks!
  8. Very nice! Thank you for sharing... :flowers:
  9. The last set, the first four pictures, the new George V store, the last picture is of The Paris Hilton.
  10. It looked like it... I thought it is just beautiful!
  11. Oh that croc Plume!!! What amazing pics! I can't thank you enough for bringing me a little bit of Paris!
  12. OMG avan! i want to go to paris NOW!

    thanks for sharing!
  13. Me too pazt! I wanna go to Paris sooo bad!!!

    Thanks for the pics avandome
  14. Thank you so much for posting these! I just love them!
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