A few Chanel Sale Items from NM!!!!

  1. Just received an email from my SA, Lisa Hamlin, with a couple sale items! Enjoy!

    1. Gold Belt- Size 95
    Orig. $1050.00, Now $472.00
    2. Black Bowling Bag from Fall 06'
    On Sale for $1152.00, which is Appx. Half off the Original Price

    Call Lisa at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested!:flowers:

    :yahoo:Wishing everyone a Happy Healthy New Year!!!!:yahoo:
    Chanel1.jpg Chanel2.jpg Chanel3.jpg
  2. Thank you!!
  3. LOVE THAT BElt, except it's too large and that i'm on a ban.
  4. Thanks jag, because of time difference I couldn't get Lisa on the phone, if you don't mind, could you PM me Lisa's email so I can write to her?... TIA..
  5. ^ Good luck girl... I hope you get it!! :flowers: :heart:
  6. I'm rooting for you too, IceEarl! Keep us updated! :yes:
  7. I hope you get this, IceEarl!
  8. thanks for sharing.
  9. as always thank you so much for posting the info and pics jag! :heart:
  10. Thank you ladies for your warm support, I am still trying to get Lisa on the phone... I'll try again later in the night when it's day time in the US... will let you know if I have luck on my side.... :p
  11. Ok...just spoken to Lisa, she said the bag was sold 5 minutes after she 'made the announcement' and after that she's got like more than 10 calls about the bag ...lOl... guess I'll try my luck esle where....
  12. what does size 95 mean on the belt?

  13. I believe it's the size in centimeters, which makes it a little over 37". At least that's how a lot of the European belt sizes are done.

    Does anyone know if the belt sizes for Chanel refer to the maximum or minimum adjustable size? I wouldn't have guessed that a Chanel belt would come in a 37" size unless it can be worn on a smaller waist, as well. I never order belts online because I have NO idea what the realistic range of waist sizes are for each given measurement.
  14. thanks for letting us know :smile:
  15. thanks

    lovely belt