A Fairy Tale Ending...?

  1. Hello Ladies and Gents:

    Well, I got my first LV bag today:the Mono Speedy 25:heart:.

    First, I would like to add that I practically wore a trench into the hallway; pacing back and forth from my room to the front window. I was up at 8am (very early for this former college grad), thinking that the FedEx truck would be here since the tracking page said that my Louis was on the truck at 6am. Silly me, FedEx did not arrive until NOON! Yuck!:tdown:

    Second, I paced so much not only due to excitement, but also because I wanted to get to the door before my parents did. People, I just do not know how to break it to my mother that I spent this much on a handbag...she was already wondering at my curious behavior:confused1:; walking back and forth through the house.

    Third, the bag is great but I was a little uncertain of its lightweighted-ness. I was sort of expecting something with a little more poundage for all the moolah I spent...but now I figure that it's a good thing for it to be like that since, when all my crud is in it, it won't be heavy.

    Fourth, (and I promise I won't count very high) I took the speedy out today to run some errands, and I brought it to where I work to go shopping. Not a speedy owner for a full day, and I already had an "Is it real?" incident. My manager Kevin was looking at it and wanted to know what the "V L" stood for. When I told him it was "L-V" as in, Louis Vuitton, he said that it looks like the Vs are printed first to be read first and that's not how Louis does things. HAHA! I told him it better be how it's done cuz it's the real thing. :wlae:

    Anyway, most of you know what the Speedy 25 looks like so as soon as I can get some modeling shots (with me posing:nuts:) I'll post them. This isn't a teaser, I just need to borrow my dad's camera.
  2. Yay - Congrats on your first LV.:yahoo:
    Speedy 25 is a Great bag. Hope she is the first of many for you.
  3. Congrats! Enjoy it!
  4. Congrat's on your first VL (very lovely) bag. Its a great staple and classic at that.
  5. I actually had the same feeling when I got my first LV which was the speedy 30. I thought woah I paid how much for this! And I played with it for a while and I have never turned back, I seriously love it now, so handy and holds so much! I am glad it's light so I can pack it down! I too had people say it looks like it says VL and I just laugh and say *sigh* if you want education on bags I can help ya out ;)
  6. congrats!!!!!!! you will love this bag!! It even looks better as it ages with the patina (in my opinion)
  7. You will definitely love this bag... congrats! ;)
  8. Love the Speedy...

  9. Congrats!! i have the same one and LvOe it!!!
  10. CONGRATS!!!!

    this was my 1st bag and i love it sooo much i use it every day....you are going to love your new bag!!!!
  11. Congratulations!!
  12. congrats!
  13. Congrats. It was my first bag as well. You're going to love it, especially when it starts to develop a patina.
  14. Congrats!

    The same thing is happening to me too!:wtf: I am afraid to use my lv bag around my mom because she thinks LV is expensive plastic bags.:s
  15. Congrats!!! I love the speedy 25 is a great everyday bag. ANd the the most classic piece. Believe me you will enjoy this bag to the fullest. And you can never forget your first!!! Wink wink . Before i was scared to use my LVs around my mom , but my mom owned some . So in the end she started to borrow mine. SO just tell your mom is something she can use also... But Dont let her use it all the time ....... :graucho: and again congrats.