A fair weather friend? ugh

  1. Just a rant i guess.
    I'm pretty much a loner. i live in a very small town where everyone knows everyone. But still, i don't really talk to many people.
    So i have one "good" friend. Mainly because i get annoyed with stupid people.
    So we hang out once in awhile....once in awhile! she lives 2 mins from me! her daughter is here 4 days a week playing!!
    her claim is always "exhaustion".
    "Oh i can't even get up....I'm soooooo exhausted."
    I know alot of people don't like her....so i always try to keep the friendship going. I think it's not worth it anymore.
    Maybe i should just collect the money she owes me and forget about anything else.
    LIke i said, i live in a small town....wheres theres always gossip and bullsh*t....and i have known of her to let people talk sh*t about me.

    I think i'm better off without her.
    Maybe thats my loner mentality....but i like it.
    k, thered be too much to get into more of the story, so my rant is over.
    Some friends arent worth the time. sad but true.
  2. If you're okay with being a "loner," as you call yourself, don't worry about having a friend you don't like. If you do want company, though, it might benefit you to seek it out.
  3. Oh I totally get where you're coming from.
    Tbh I'm more of a loner like you :yes: Why not try talking to your friend?
    Maybe you guys would end up becoming much closer. but if she is letting people talk about you well that's not a good sign :s
    I'd say be honest with her and tell her how you feel & see how it goes from there.
  4. I LOVE my alone time...I would never call myself a loner per say as I love getting to know people and also all the different personalaties. (sp) Anyway..Im fascinated by all different people...how they think, talk etc...I have a plethera of friends..some close some just gossips. I live in a TINY town (2 by 4 mile island) I choose who I want close and who I dont and the ones I do not ...they talk *hit...and I could care less. Be friends with who you want...I just want to know all kinds of people!! (life is short...I have learned that in life) and people make it interesting.
  5. Before you give up on the friendship, is it worth helping her get over her exhaustion? What's the cause of it?
  6. Well, Is she always exhausted to come over and hang out with you and only sends her kids to play and she doesn't come along?
  7. Maybe she has personal/health issues going on?
  8. Mrs. Jones, I totally get it. I'm a loner, too--I have my friends at work but we rarely socialize outside of work and that suits me just fine! My DH and I were talking about this just the other day--I asked him if he thought it was weird that when I'm not working (I have a high-stress job as an RN at a large Level 4 Trauma Center/teaching hospital in the city, a little over an hour's drive from our house)--I prefer just to hang out at home, puttering around. Luckily my DH and I are just alike!

    Anyway, it sounds like you are putting more effort into this friendship than she is and that you are questioning whether it's worth it or not. If you have to ask...NOT! Forget about the small-town gossip BS. No matter what you do people will talk, that's just how small towns are. I'd let the friendship drop.

    PS I wouldn't count on getting my money back either if I were you. Hope it wasn't a lot!
  9. I say Go Girl! Be a loner if you want to, but don't let yourself get too cynical ^^

    Your friend sounds like she really isn't interested, I'd drop that relationship.

    It's great that you're comfortable being alone, but I hope that you realize what you're also missing. Don't exclude yourself completely and just decide "Hey, yeah Im going to be a loner". Stay open to possibilities and new people, and don't let yourself get bitter.

    happy days :smile:
  10. She owes you money and you watch her kids all the time while she is at home resting??????
    Either she has serious physical/mental health issues, or you are being taken advantage of.
  11. Perhaps she does have an underlying illness, if she is telling the truth then so much exhaustion is not healthy. You should suggest that she sees a doctor.
    However, I note that she owes you money?, this is obviously an issue for you & if she is not paying it back & using you as a babysitter together with allowing people to bad mouth you then I would seriously question the friendship.

  12. My thoughts exactly. She may be suffering from depression(?).. If you feel like it's doing you more harm than good, go ahead. :yes:
  13. ok, she is mooching off you, she still owes you money, she sends her kids over without much of a howdy doo?
    maybe you should talk to her.... but from what i hear, she might not listen.
    i hope you get this sorted out even if it means being a loner...
  14. I've learned not to try to please everyone all the time. I'm a loner too and love it that way. It just isn't reciprical most of the time because people like to take advantage of people like us, kwim? Maybe not knowingly taking advantage, but definitely taking nice people for granted.

    You don't owe this person any favors, I'd say start doing your own thing and don't allow others' personal issues keep you bogged down.