A duck bit me =o(

  1. I was at a pond feeding the ducks bread,I do this once and a while. I tore off a piece and tried to see if the duck would take it from me and he grabbed on to my finger too. I was so freaked out thank god he didn't break the skin. It hurt like hell. I know it was my fault but that damn duck. Anyone else ever get bit by a duck or am I the only one crazy enough to try and hand feed it?:s
  2. :roflmfao: Sorry but your post cracked me up. I got bit by a duck when I was younger. I was more shocked then hurt. I was heartbroken that the cute lil duck was so vicious! :Push:
  3. Sorry but your thread title :roflmfao: . Sorry that happened- ducks always run away from me! :crybaby:
  4. not a duck but:

    when we were in mexico they had swans swimming in this big unfenced reflecting pool at our hotel. all the rest of the birds scattered around the property were in cages so smart me thought "oh, these ones must be domestic!" and tried to pet one. you can guess how well that went over....lots of sqawking, flapping and biting....and my brother and husband nearly in tears laughing. still haven't lived that one down. :shame:
  5. Not by a duck by I got chased by a goose when I was visiting my aunt's farm in Asia a few yrs ago. I guess I provoked that goose because next thing I know, the goose started flapping his wings and chasing after me. That was so scary... :sweatdrop: :lol:
  6. Used to hand feed ducks when I was little, we had a summer house by a lake. Those ducks came every morning and we gave them bread. They never bit us on purpose, as far as I remember, but sometimes got a little excited and pinched us when eating.

    I would never dare to handfeed a duck anymore...
  7. Nope, cant say I have experienced the same.

    My grandmother keeps a few swans as pets and I dont like them at all. We feed them pieces of bread, and when I was lil I throw those breads at them from afar, never wanting to get too close. Everytime I get too close, they'd start to push their scary long necks, their mouths ready to zap you with those tiny barbwired teeths.

    I love animals, but ducks, swans, chickens and the likes aren't my faves.
  8. I know your situation isn't funny, but it is sort of like something that would happen in a cartoon! Hope you're okay and all.
  9. OMG, hahaha!!! I'm sorry, but I have to laugh :sad: This reminds me of the time a Goose chased me down one of the paths at my old college. It was chasing after me and I was running and screaming and everybody looked at me like I was crazy :smile:

    I hope you're finger's okay!! :smile: Next time, just throw the bread to the ducks ;)
  10. I got bit by a baby duck bit it wasn't liek a bit it just sorta pinched my skin and didn't break anything.

    I got off of my train coming home from work and there were like 10 or 12 little ducklings down ON the tracks and they couldn't get up. The platform is almost a foot above the tracks, and they were way too tiny and I'm not sure how they got down there in the first place. The conductor saw them, but there was nothing they could do so they went really slowly until they passed them up. All of them were safe and most people just walked away from them but three of us couldn't see leaving them down there so we got down on the tracks and chased them around picking them up and getting them out of the tracks. So yes, it is my fault for getting bit, lol... but I wasn't going to let the babies die! They were so scared, but so tiny and cute and soft that I just wanted to put them in my purse and take them home though! The mamma duck was in the parking lot nearby so I think seh reunited with them all.. hopefully!
  11. I never got bit from a duck really. I always go to this pond near a university near our house to feed the ducks there. They always follow me, it's really cute. Once I, like you, put bread in my hands and I was going to throw it, but the duck beat me to it, and I felt the teeth. The duck didn't bite me, though. Some of those larger ducks also run after me and hiss at me. I do love ducklings too!!
  12. There's a neat Mexican restaurant outside of Phoenix that has a pond where you can feed geese. I was feeding then and one stuck its head under the gate and bit my second toe! Didn't break skin but it hurt. Strong little bugger! He really startled me!
  13. Wow.... who knew ducks and geese bit friendly humans? I'll be sure to keep my distance from now on.
  14. We used to have geese. They are "back biters" -- anyone who tried to go down to the river would turn around to find themselves being chased by the geese, hissing, wings flapping.
  15. Reading all your responses made my day.:roflmfao: I am glad to know I am not alone. Next time I might just take a pair of gloves with me incase the little bugger want's to take a bite again. I never realized how similar ducks and dogs are. They wag their tales, jump up and down and make a hissing bark noise.:idea: If I could only teach them to stand in a line and take a piece of bread instead of beating eachother up for it.