A decent jewelry forum?

  1. Recently i have noticed that i spend double the time in this part of the purse forum than all the other places put together...

    does anybody know of a good and active forum just for jewelry lovers?

    I'd love any links... hope the mods dont shout at me.. will still come here all the time!
  2. Pricescope is a great, informative forum.
  3. Pricescope.com is good for that, as is DiamondRing.com. But take the "rave reviews" of the in-house Pricescope vendors with a grain of salt. There's a reason you don't see negatives on the board, and it's not because there aren't any.
  4. oh thanks for that information on the negatives! i was looking for somewhere very much like this to be honest, but those look pretty good, thanks!
  5. Hmmm. Gotta say, I'm a regular pricescope poster first off, I must say, there are no "in house" companies associated with the website. There are a number of diamond companies that have representatives that post with information and that sort of thing...but they are not "in house."

    Also, there are a number of negative posts about the above companies. But really, the thing is that most of the folks that post about the companies are happy with them...which is why the MEMBERS of pricescope repeatedly recommend them.

    Pricescope is a consumer education website.
  6. I would say for the most part yes that can be considered true, but only when its beneficial to their advertising partners. One of which sees the most negatives suddenly disappear.
  7. ame, are you a member of pricescope?
  8. ame, strike that question. i was thinking about having asked it while i was working and realized that it is a nosey question and non of my business. what was i thinking when i asked? sorry.:smile:
  9. No offense taken, I just saw the question now and was ready to respond then saw your 2nd post.

    I lurk now more than anything, I don't go there as often though bec I belong to so many boards that I cannot keep up.

    I did see today though that the couple that owns it either sold it to I presume retire. VERY early retirement!