A cup - Brazilian bottom

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  1. Ok here's the situation - Me and some friends will be traveling to South Beach this spring and I need a stunning swimsuit. Unfortunately Im having trouble finding something that will fit nice. You see, I have an A cup & a "Buffy" the XXL Model booty. I need my top to kinda match my bottom. I hear the monokinis are hot this summer, but if I get a small to cover my top - most likely it wont cover my bottom. :shrugs:

    Do anyone know where I can find a real nice swimsuit?
  2. Sounds like you should get a 2-piece. No matter what you think is "hot" this season, if it doesn't work for you, it's not hot. Lots of places sell 2-piece swimsuits separately, meaning you can choose a different size for each piece. I recommend Victoria's Secret and Target for cheap, cute swimwear. Good luck!
  3. ^ i second the vs suggestion. that is where i got my swim suit last year and i love it!
  4. Newport News also sells super cute swim separates in a wide variety of sizes for lots of different body types - haven't bought from them for a few years but the quality was good (for lounging and light swimming, anyway) when I did buy!
  5. I agree you should do coordinating separates so you can match a top that works and a bottom that works instead of just going with a bikini that cuts you in half
  6. Thanks everyone. I already have several Victoria Secret swimsuits. I was just trying to change up.
  7. i have to recommend j crew. i have some bikinis from there that are over 5 years old and look fabulous.
  8. Land's End has some surprisingly stylish "minimizer" suits, but they are definitely pricier than VS.
  9. Girl I see you are in NYC... I have your same issue lol... Last year I found some cute bikini separates/sets at Loehmann's on 79th and Broadway. Hope that helps!
  10. vs and i know old navy sell bikini separates
  11. Look for a printed top and a solid bottom. The bold pattern on top will bring attention up there and make your 'A cup' look bigger. While the solid bottom will bring less attention to your "brazillian bottom".
  12. ^ good tip!

    Even though I don't have a HUGE behind, but my top is significantly smaller than my behind lol..so I'm going the VS route, mix matching. I'm probably going to do the same color family but a brighter color top with a more subdue bottom (aquamarine and tan maybe).
  13. Chantal that is a great tip! But I tend to mix and match by getting a smaller top and bigger bottom with the same print. I also like the boyshorts cause its like all of my rum isnt.
  14. I usually buy the same prints but different sizes... Word to the wise... If you are hippy and bootylicious lol... you should stay away from boy shorts as they make you appear larger. Bikini bottoms with rings or strings on the side seem to work best for me... My measurements are 36-28- 41 if that helps
  15. If you're in NYC, you could try Daffy's.