A crying shame....

  1. After mentioning several times in different threads about the sorry state of my closet...I decided to start a thread just to let myself rant:cursing: !!!
    Moving to Hong Kong was huge shock to my American sendibilities...but a shock in and upon itself is the lack of any closet at all. And I mean NOTHING....storage space is not standard here....either people don't have a lot of stuff....or most of it is hanging out the window!!! All I know is that my DH and I tried to have closets built in to our apartment...and they ended up smaller than kitchen cabinets. It has been 3 years...and my clothes hoarding, fashion-loving, closet-compulsive self just cannot come to terms with this lack of space! My sweaters are in the drawers in our table by the front door, my jackets are shoved in one small corner of our daughters armoire, my handbags....oh my lovely bags, are in a cheap, plastic IKEA container, under my bed....and also on top of my son's armoire (where they keep tumbling to the floor every few days). My shoes are stacked on inside of another in those hanging shoe bags that we have nailed to the back of the doors (I think my Guccis, Pradas, and LV's have literally shrunk in shock), AND I have no idea as to what I own, as the "closets" were built so poorly that I cannot see what is in the back!!
    After deciding this morning to rearrange all this stuff....I spent 3 hours and have decided there is nowhere for it to go:crybaby: . Hence this thread where I would like to just ***** and moan for a minute!! Oh:wtf: ...how could this happen to me....a person who adores and appreciates my belongings....and I have nowhere to put them!!
    OK...now all that being said...I realize I am lucky to have all of my stuff, and I can appreciate that there are people with way less stuff...not to mention closet space than myself. Just wanted to have a little shallow complaining for a minute!
    AND....if you can relate to my pain...please tell me your closet woes.....
  2. have you lived there through the summer?

    ugh. you wouldn't want too much clothes by then i promise! it's super hot.

    hong kong is really crowded, i remember staying at my uncle's house, it could fit into my living room and kitchen! and that includes three rooms!

    i don't think i could live there either. which is why i just vacation and bring back all the junk with me ;)

    maybe you can convert a room itself into a closet?
  3. Yes...we have been here through 3 summers! We have lived here for 3 years....I love it here...other than the lack of space for my stuff!! Converting a room is not an option, unless we hang my sweet son outside...so the only other option is getting rid of stuff...which I do...but I :heart: my things, and already don't buy as much, because of having nowhere to put it....
  4. Put some clothes in storage elsewhere and rotate your wardrobe. That's kind of what I do, except it's because I'm in different parts of the country throughout the year....
  5. Do you have IKEA in Hong Kong? They have the best storage solutions I have ever seen.
    Good luck, I know it is frustrating. Can you find any organizing books for small places that might help? Maybe online you can get some information.
  6. I have that same problem, in Arizona. For some reason, I have the only room in the house without a walkin closet..and I have the most clothes/shoes/bags. The rest of the rooms are filled with misc. things and I can't figure out where to put my clothes. I think it's the lack of space that makes my room look so messy when it's just cluttered.
  7. almost everyone I know have closets from Ikea in HK...
    My friend just remodeled his place at South Horizon, and he put in a whole row of closets, just like the U.S....so it could be done...maybe more specific details for the contractors? How about a bed where you can put stuff underneath? I remember in HK, it was important to look for a bed that we can put storage boxes underneath the bed....just a little more storage space.
    I'm sorry...I feel your pain!!!
  8. Yes...Ikea, bigger bed, all great ideas..problem though is that there are still 6 of us living in 1000 sq.ft. So we have seriously used every inch of space imaginable!! Not much to be done but buy a bigger place....alas, we need a couple of million dollars to do that!! Anyway.....it is like ladystara said....it's just when you have stuff out, it makes the room look more messy, and I am a neat freak!! So...not much to be done, other than accept my closet the way it is.... :smile:
  9. Ugh, I can't imagine how you do it....there are only 4 of us in 3000 square feet and I want to expand the house!
  10. I'd also recommend IKEA. They've got great solutions for small spaces :s
  11. ugh i've done 1000 square feet with four people, but in HK! And 4 kids! My experience is just whine against yours! I'd say you should treat yourself to a new bag, but that would probably just drive you more crazy!

  12. A new bag could NEVER drive me crazy!!!! I always seem to find room for my bags!
  13. I'm not sure what your room looks like, but I'd also recommend the ikea closet solutions that they have. I've got one and it's a whole wall (about 3 meters) of closet with different drawers, bars, shelves etc to store my things in. If you've got a spare 56cm (there's also a 30cm version), and at least 1meter of wall, you can install one of these systems for relatively cheap.
  14. hi ann,

    we're on the same boat, space is so limited here..i really wish i have a garage that i can storage things..and it's true, we need millons of dollars to buy a big house.