A Couple LVs (a Chanel, and a Fendi) Walk Into A Bar...


Jan 22, 2012
San Francisco, CA
First off - just a little one! I have a pair of Christian Dior sunglasses that I love, but it came in a bulky box, rather than a compact case, so this will be helpful!

Next up, the bigger LV purchase. I have been in love with the look of the Pochette Metis for forever, but when I tried one on myself, I didn't really like how it looked. It's too bad, because every time I see it on someone else, I sigh and wish that it looked that good on me... but now that the PM in Empreinte is available, it gives me another shot at owning this style!
And now on to the non-LV items . I found this super fun and silly clutch from Fendi for a really good price. I'm sure half the people out there will think it's ridiculous, but I chuckle every time I look at it!
And finally, my first pair of Chanel ballet flats! They're super comfy, and I wanted something classic that I could wear to more formal occasions if I didn't feel like wearing heels.