A Confirmed Oldie Lover Has Gone Giant!

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  1. I haven't posted for awhile since I've been away most of the end of last year due to family issues...but I'm slowly getting back in the swing of things and wanted to get back into my Bal obsession with a confession! So....I still have my beloved oldies collection - Flat Brass thru 04 - but I've recently developed a strange (for me) attraction for the Giants!!!! Based on the many beautiful pics here from you fabulous Giant lovers, I've recently added a few of my own and I have to say, they're REALLY FANTASTIC!!!! After a couple of my own so-so experiences with 08 leather/color, I took a plunge on VT and Midnight/Marine.

    Thyme GSH City, 08 Midnight/Marine GGH Mid-day, 07 Sandstone GGH Work!:P:nuts: I guess my tag line about being Bal Content isn't really true!~!!




  2. Wow psaseattle... You certainly know how to take the plunge into Giant! Beautiful bags! The leather on this Marine is out of control fab! Congrats! Do we get to see collection pics? :graucho:

  3. i know how you feel, i felt that way too after purchasing my charbon GSH PT. i fell in love with giant bags!!! the leather of my charbon is gorgeous, agneau gorgeous.
    congrats on your three yummy giants *p*. i love your sandstone's leather, yummy!!
  4. OMG!!! Gorgeous bags P!!!:faint: I am a lover of oldies that is now addicted to GH bags myself! LOVE your choices!!!:heart::love::love::love: Congrats!:yahoo:
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    love the sandstone ggh work! they are all wonderful btw. congrats!
    btw, thanks for posting that sandstone pic, i found it close to fall's galet color which the comparison pics i posted in the other thread.
  6. your Marine GGH & *dd*'s Charbon GSH have got to be the most luscious GH Bals ever!

    congrats hon! :heart:
  7. Wow!!! What fantastic additions to your oldies!!! I especially love the marine with ggh!!! Congrats!
  8. WOW,Congrats:nuts: :ps:!!!
    You've made excellent choices!Love all your giant Bags!!!
  9. They are all gorgeous! Congrats!:yahoo:
  10. Bee-yoo-tiful!!! Congrats!!!

    SS with GGH is one of my HG's...She's sooooo yummy!!

  11. Thank you so much ladies:heart: The only one I am on the fence about is the VT GSH City. She is beautiful and her leather is wonderful and I love the color/hardware combo.....BUT methinks maybe Giant City is not as good a match for me as other styles. We'll see!:shrugs:
  12. Wow, I love the SS GGH Work and the Marine GGH Midday especially. Congrats!
  13. I :heart: your Giants! They all look gorgeous, congrats!
  14. Congrats, all great choices! The leather on your SSGGH work looks fab-o :tup:
  15. I still haven't tried a Giant Hardware bag ... I've been tempted though! These all look great ... especially love the Sandstone!