A Coach Customer Service Story With A Happy Ending...

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  1. It seems like those here who have dealt with Coach customer service have had mixed results. I figured I'd add my own story to the bunch:

    I bought I pair of Three-button gloves in black just before Christmas. During the holiday, I noticed that a thread in the right glove index finger was pulling out. It kept coming out, so I took the gloves to my local store and they sent them out for me for repair at no cost.
    Just last week, a letter from Coach came. It said that they were sending me a brand new pair of gloves and the new pair would arrive in ten days. Later that same day, FedEx delivered a package. It was the new gloves. They are in pristine condition. I am so happy that everything worked out. :yahoo:
  2. Yay for GOOD Cust Svc anecdotes! There's so many BAD ones, that it makes me happy to read about something great. Good for you...new gloves, no strings (pun intended!).
  3. oh yay! that's great!
  4. You had to be super excited when you opened the package and inside were your new gloves that you thought you had to wait 10 days to receive!

    Congrats, on the Happy Ending, and Enjoy your new Gloves!
  5. Congrats on the great outcome It is good to hear a good story for once
  6. So glad to finally here a good story! Congrats!
  7. I think we often don't hear the good customer service stories because we all really only need to rant when it's a negative one. We should have a permanent thread for just customer service reviews, complaints etc. that way we could all share our stories. Just a thought.
  8. Great story. Congratulations on your replacement gloves and happy ending.
  9. Great great news.
  10. How nice you got your new gloves and they came so quickly! It's good to hear a positive story with a happy ending!!!
  11. Yay!
  12. Hooray for a happy ending.
  13. Thanks everyone! Honestly, I just figured they would put a few stitches in the defective finger and send them on back. When I got the letter about the replacement pair, I certainly didn't anticipate them arriving on the same day!
  14. Wonderful customer service!
  15. So glad you got a new pair of gloves! I will share my positive customer service experience here also. I noticed on Friday that a stitch had come out on my black sabrina that I had purchased on Dec 10th. I called the boutique and spoke w/ an SA that I have dealt w/ before and she told me to bring the bag in and they would exchange it. So I went after work and the SA I had talked to was gone but all the other SA's knew about it and exchanged my bag for a brand new one. No problems at all! I was really hoping that they wouldn't make me send it off for repair. So I was very happy w/ my experience overall.