A Chloe Story: "The Impact"

  1. I am assuming that most of us here on the Purse Forum go about our daily cyber lives obsessing with each other and we never have opportunities to do so with IRL friends and family. While I do have fashionista sisters (the notorious susieserb is one) and while I do talk bag buys endlessly with her, I never do so with other girlfriends. They just don't get it. Sometimes I am designated the "Purse Fool" for their enjoyment. "What bag is she wearing today? Is that a NEW one? Okay - spill - how much did it cost?" Then I say, "I got it on sale!" Inevitably they respond, "But what does 'SALE' mean for you?" And then they groan and laugh with widened eyes like I am totally insane. They seem to love this little humilation. None of them would ever feel comfortable spending the big bucks on any accessory even though they could all well afford it.

    Last night the group - with DH's in tow - all went to see a rock concert - an old people's rock concert: John Fogerty for those who remember Creedance Clearwater Revival. I had carefully put my outfit together figuring it was a chance to showcase my rock and roll chain handled patent Betty. It seemed appropriate! I had on my new leather bomber jacket and straight leg jeans tucked into my boots. All my circle seemed to make comments on the boots - "Were they new?" Actually they weren't. No one mentioned the bag at all since I had trotted it out before.

    These days you have to have your bags checked for contraband at the stadiums and they have these uniformed gals to do the searches before they will let you in. I dutifully started unzipping the top to allow access when the place exploded. Total pandemonium. All the security gals were going crazy over my PURSE! There was much screaming and yelling to each other: "CHECK THIS OUT"! My friends and DH were alarmed at first. What was the fuss about? Was I being arrested? NO - it was my BAG! I was like a celebrity - LOL! Now there is a lot more respect. After all if anyone would know purses it would be these security gals. They see a lot of them coming through after all! Chloe has much more of an impact than I ever dreamed - LOL!
  2. Sounds like your bag was a bigger hit than the concert!
    It's too bad your friends need the "go- ahead" from security gals to think your bags are acceptable! Oh well, Rest assured you fellow PFs all know your bags are phenominal and we'll gladly rejoice in your new bag purchases instead of questioning you about it!

    I have the same problem with people scrutinizing my bag purchases. At my work a lot of the girls carry fakies and assume that because they do, I do. I even had one girl say " I know how much those bags cost, it MUST be fake!" Can you beleive the nerve?! Another girl went on about how she would NEVER spend so much money on a HANDBAG! I think she was tring to make me feel bad about spending money on myself. That's why I love this forum...I dont have to feel guilty about my purse passion! I guess there are just people out there who understand, and then there are those who dont.
  3. That's so exciting! I love it when I get compliments on my bags. Betty is an eye-catcher for sure!
  4. What a lovely story! YOur love for your chain patent betty is making me want one... as if I could afford it, but that's another story...
    I agree with you, most people won't appreciate a good bag, there is no point in trying to educate them...
    I have a minor anecdote. Today we went to the birthday party of a friend of my 4-year-old daughter... I carefully placed my chocolate mini Paddington on an armchair so that I could admire it from where I was sitting ...
    Suddenly my daugther screamed (I have trained her to look after my bags):"Mum, Mercedes has taken your bag!":shocked:
    I ran to fetch the little girl and SEIZE the purse... and guess what... she was hesitantly licking the handles of the bag in a corner:weird: ... Maybe she thought it was made of real chocolate? It was very puzzling...:graucho:
  5. You ROCK divnanata....

    only one of my friends appreciates nice bags like me.....the rest haven't a clue and they are soooo far from clueless that I don't even bother explaining. To each his own I guess.....

    Mariabdc...thats sooooo funny about the girl licking your bag...its just goes to show you how yummy Chloe bags are!
  6. ^^I'm laughing at the screen and the picture of that poor 'busted' little gal sitting in the corner. We all know they are too scrumptious for words - but tiny little four year olds? - LOL!!!
  7. It was probably my fault... Such a tempting texture and colour and so easy to take it and run off with the purse...
    We should start a thread (if it doesn't exist) compiling short funny stories with our Chloes called ·Me and my Chloe" or something like that... I bet you all have tons of good stories for a laugh ...
  8. ^^^ Oh yes^^^There actually has been some stories. Divna had her dog sniff and pee on her bag while visiting at my home.

    This little girl grabbing and licking your purse doesn't surprise me one bit. We all know how fabulous the smell and texture is on these bags. This baby girl can only express it one way, orally!!!:kiss:

    Hey BTW :tup: to the purse partrol daughter. You've trained her well!!!!!!!!!!
  9. What a great story. Sounds like you totally rocked that gorgeous bag!
  10. wow! I feel your pain too, divnanata. It seems like all my local Bgfs just don't get it. The only one that does is over 1000 miles away, but doesn't make purchases. I wish for once I could go shopping with my someone and do some serious bag evals and talk!