A Chiara in Eggplant??

  1. Is this the color that someone had said was eggplant? I remember someone mentioning this Kooba color but I never saw anything in it. Isnt this pretty? I almost bought it and then took a deep breath. I love the color but I don't really use Hobo bags anymore (I used to all the time) so I would be buying it for the wrong reason. Good price I think.

  2. Yep. That's the colour I have. Mine's a Carla though.
    The colour goes with everything. I wear it almost every day. I have a Chiara which I bought off eBay, but it's in tan. I've actually never used it but it's cute.
  3. You gotta post a pic of your bag. I never knew they made a Carla in Eggplant. What kind of leather is it? I'd love to see it...pleeeeeeze.
  4. I was looking at that bag last night... I didn't realize there was a Kooba eggplant. Cute though!

  5. Doh. It might be awhile Lex. I haven't been able to find my camera cord for awhile. I looked for the pic I saved when I bought it on eBay and I can't find that either. I'll try to get someone to take a pic for me. It's a cute bag. The leather is thicker than the Chiara. Sorta like the Sienna but a little more pliable if that makes sense. I've only worn my Sienna twice though so I don't know if it gets more smooshy as time goes on. Hope that's helpful for now.
  6. Absolutely a Chiara in eggplant!!! No joke. Two seasons ago - that's when they had their khaki green suede interior rather than the lilac. This was not a duplicated fake-o color - wow - that's a rare one. Nice.:yahoo: haha - also a little biased about the bag anyway - it IS my middle name!!!:jammin:
  7. What an interesting color.

    I would love to see Kooba be somewhat experimental in color for the Fall, as they did with the red Elisha and Bonnie this Spring.

    I have a sea of black and brown bags, I want teal and purple and burgandy!
  8. Chiara....Do you have a Chiara? I would if I had your name!

    Absolutely. I also have a sea of neutrals. My Metallic Armies are the closest thing I have to Rad...LOL Now I do have the Slate Nina, and my Fuschia Alex and my blue Gustto so I'm trying to bust out. I want Burgandy and Deep Blue.

    I bought a Vintage Kooba that was teal a year or so ago and resold it cause it just didn't appeal to me. I have no idea the name or age. It was a Moc Croc in Teal in a satchel shape. I'm thinking the lining was striped. Was that pre- floral or post floral?
  9. Hmm...I'm comparing my bag to the eBay Chiara. The one on ebay looks lighter - more of a reddish purple? Mine looks darker. Like the colour of Grimace - that McD character? :graucho:

    I like the purple way more than I ever thought I would. It really does go with EVERYTHING. Black, brown, navy, green. I guess if I was fully decked out in red or pink, that might be weird, but you get the gist. :rolleyes:

  10. I've never seen a Carla in Eggplant! You MUST post pics. Please!!!