A Chanel Dilemna...What to Do???

  1. This is by no means a way to try to sell the following bag...but I do need some advice on what to do with it! I bought this Chanel at a second-hand store in Hong Kong and absolutely love it!! The color is beautiful...and I have never seen another one like it! OK...dilemna...I have never used it! I cannot decide whether to try to trade it for a Balenciaga, which I would use...or hang on to it for the infrequent times that I would use it, and to pass on to my daughters.
    Part two....I have no idea what this bag is worth. It is jersey knit...and in pristine condition and comes with the dustbag. If I was to trade it...I do not know what the worth would be!! Could you ladies that know more about Chanel than I do, please give me a clue??
    AGAIN...I am not trying to sell this bag here, right now...I genunely need some advice!!

  2. That is a gorgeous bag. I would keep it. You say you love it, and the colour is unusual and striking. I recently tried to bid on a jersey bag like yours on eBay and it sold for £380 and there is one currently on eBay (black) that has a buy it now for about £450 I think.

    Your choice - but I would keep it!

    PS- Out of interest, how much did you originally pay for it second hand?

  3. Thanks for your feedback...yes, I do love it...and it is not like I need another Bbag...but I do feel sad that it just sits in my closet. Maybe I should try using it for everyday???!!! I believe I paid @$500.00 (maybe a bit more). But I also got really good deals at this store because I was a frequent buyer!
    I think I would miss it if it were to go!
  4. keep it! it's gorgeos!~ so many gals are DYING to get a violet chanel. even though it's not leather, it's still very beautiful...but well are you not using it because you're afraid to damage it? or just haven't found the occassion to wear it?
  5. To me it is a going out bag...and I am not going out much anymore. But I think I will try to use it more for everyday....I guess I am just used to really big everyday bags!
  6. Its such a shame tho to leave such a gorgeous looking bag in the closet. Truthfully, if I was you and was not sure about it, I would start the bidding at say 450 dollars, but do not put a buy it now price on. That way, the bidders can decide how much they think its worth. At the moment, purple is an incredibly popular colour, BUT, in a few short weeks, the leather versions will be available instore and they will be much more wanted and take some sales away from you. Its a hot bag right now, so if you really do not use it, I would sell it on before the new purple comes out, and they you can buy the bag you really want :smile:
  7. I wouldn't sell it I love the colour and it's the reissue lol!the first bag designed by Coco Chanel was jersey iI think in that desigh!:yes:
    PLUS it goes perfectly with jeans and casual outfits as far as the price ...in Europe they sell for about 2000Euros in the b/s and it's the latest trend!:tup:
    Here's some enabling pics!hehe'!;)
  8. Very cute bag and love the color! Keep it if you think you'll use it if not go ahead and sell it so you can get something you really love and will use. I do think you will get more than what you paid! Probably double or more!!
  9. OK...I think I will keep it!!! It is a gorgeous color!! Thank you for the affirmation...good thing I didn't put this in the Balenciaga forum!!!!
  10. i would keep it! it's too cute to pass up on ;)
  11. A definite keeper!! That is one of my favorite bags, I would love to own it.... on second thought- you need to get rid of it and get a different one... just give it to me I'll take it off your hands!! :graucho: LOL! Enjoy!
  12. Another vote to keep. Great price. Use it and enjoy it. (What's there not to love.)
  13. Keep the bag, it's gorgeous!
  14. you should keep the bag... I am living in HK and I have never come across such lovely bags in such good price, I remember some pfers bought the red and grey ones maybe around USD1200 from the boutique??
  15. ooooh...nice bag. I'm glad you've decided to keep her. Try her out with different outfits and you'll see how gorgeous she really is even with jeans!!!!