A Chanel Bowler with NO cell phone pocket

  1. I am new to this forum & found it very interesting, I just can't stop checking out this website ever since I was introduced to it by an eBay Seller! Anyway, I have just bought a beautiful Chanel Bowler, 100% authentic, Black (not the metallic one!)in color. But there is no cell phone pocket inside, as I know, almost all Chanel Bowlers have cell phone pockets, wonder why mine does not have it! Also, there is no silver plaque that has the word Chanel engraved on it, instead, there is a Chanel printing under the zippered pocket. Can anyone give me an answer to these 2 questions? Thanx a millions!:confused1:
  2. I know on one of your questions, only the metallic version has the silver plaque (interior tag) the matte finish has the printing.
  3. Yes, Michele is right. My black metallic flap has the silver plate and my black matte bowler (fall deerskin leather) has the printing. It has a cell phone pocket though, so I'm not sure why yours does not unless it wasn't part of the cruise collection bowlers.