a black Ferragamo under 1k: classic style

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  1. This is a long term goal....not anything I can even aspire to right now. But to hear advice and see pics would cheer me up. Help me out with suggestions?

    I am 43 and want a bag I can carry at 63, thus, classic lines are important as hobo styles look iffy on me at this point already :nuts:

    Have fun, and do feel free to up my price range if you think you have something perfect.
  2. I love the bag below, and it's available in black. It's medium-sized and goes over the shoulder, but also looks cute in the crook of the elbow. I think it's $1200 retail, but might be available at the sale in June. :graucho:


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  3. I love that. Thank you. What is the style name?
  4. I just saw this at Bloomingdale's yesterday (and I think this combo is Bloomies only...it's on-line too so you can see different angles) and it's lovely IMO....classic tote style vs. hobo, but the big Miss Vara buckle keeps it a little edgy without being too trendy/young.

    15.7"W x 10.6"H x 5.9"D with 8" handles (so it can fit on the shoulder if necessary)

  5. I should mention that Bloomies is having a buy more get more sale in a few days so a $1000 purchases on your Bloomies card with get you $250 off!