A black and gold reveal!

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  1. Finally, the Chanel Mètiers D'Art collection is in stores! My jackets are with the tailor still but!

    Introducing my new flap bag in black and bronze sequins!

    The color is listed as black and bronze but it's really black, gold, and rose gold? It reads more gold than bronze to me.

    It's irresistibly sparkly and my pictures don't do it justice.

    IMG_1496710672.005634.jpg IMG_1496710689.789938.jpg IMG_1496710712.850907.jpg
  2. Oh my.
  3. Stunning, congrats!
  4. WOWZERS!!! :happydance::love::yahoo:Super stunner you have there...Biggest Congrats!
  5. Wooowwww!!! Congrats
  6. Love it!
  7. what a beauty!
  8. Ooo la la, so very nice. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your beautiful bag :heart:
  9. Fabulous choices
  10. Feel free to share your new chanel RTW on our "how to wear your chanel jacket" thread under Wardrobe
    We are all discussing the new Ritz collection!

  11. I'm thinking of buying this bag.

    Would you be able to do any mod shots?
    I want to see what it looks like on.

  12. WOW! Stunning piece :nuts:
  13. Wow, that bag is amazing! Congratulations on your new pieces!